Living through coronavirus has shown a lot of people that their paths in life are not set. The pandemic has allowed us to put more effort into our side-hustles because of the reclaimed time, to wonder if we’re going in the right direction and to consider a change of career altogether!


Sally, 24 said: “I have previously worked in advertising but I really wanted to make a move to purely marketing. Before the pandemic, I didn’t know how I’d go about doing this, because I never had any time. However, I’ve managed to work on my career skills throughout quarantine because I’ve had the availability. I’m now looking forward to the next step in my work life!”


While everyone is shuffling things about and gaining a new perspective on life, have you thought about potentially upskilling in your career to land a new job? What sort of skills do you think you need, if you have?


We’ve pulled together the top 7 skills you should think about improving to take your next step in your career. Try to work on these skills over the next couple of months – you’ll thank yourself for it!


7 Job Skills To Improve On During The Pandemic

#1 Network, Network, NETWORK!

Now is a fantastic time to make your connections, seeing as everyone is Extremely Online at the moment. For me personally, Twitter is a great way to strike up conversations because it is a little less formal than LinkedIn (although LinkedIn definitely has a space too!). Search for the individuals at the companies you want to represent and strike up a conversation or add to one they’re already involved in (if appropriate). There are also so many virtual meet-ups on offer that you can choose to join in your field.


#2 Online Learning

Perhaps doing a course online isn’t the best way to learn, but it’s all we’ve got right now. There are so many free or low-cost courses you can choose to do to bring your skill level up to where you need to be to take the next step in your career. Many are on offer via LinkedIn and some can be found via other social media such as Instagram and Twitter.



#3 Develop Your Interviewing Skills

Do you crumble when under pressure in front of an interview panel? Even remotely, interviews can be pretty stressful. It would be a great idea to practise with a friend or even on your own. There are usually sample interview questions online for particular job roles – so take a look at some of these and think about what your answers could be!


#4 Fill Gaps In Your CV

Do you have any gaps in employment due to the pandemic, or skill holes that you need to fill to grab your next role? If you’ve been able to take a course and upskill yourself during quarantine, you can add these to your CV. As well as making sure that your CV is 100% up to date, it shows potential employers that you’re proactive and willing to learn, even when the going gets tough.


#5 Organise Your Life & Plan Ahead

One of the most important skills to have is the skill of organisation. If you know where you’re going, everything is so much easier. Do you have a five-year plan? How are you going to achieve it? Don’t forget, although it’s great to have a plan, you may need to accept that nothing is 100% straightforward and your plan may not be linear. Use it as a guide, but be ready to update and reflect on it when needed.


#6 Put Yourself Out There

Did you ever hear the theory that opportunities rarely present themselves – you have to go and find them? The same is true of finding your dream job. Just wanting it isn’t enough. If you make a statement on LinkedIn that you’re looking for a certain role, it could be that you get a decent response from a potential employer. No one will know you’re looking if you don’t tell them!


#7 Stay Positive!

Everything is very difficult at the moment, so don’t underestimate the skill of staying positive in the face of adversity. Finding a new job in the pandemic may not happen straight away, but if you carry on with your upskill work, you’ve get there in the end. Good luck!

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