In shocking news, the biggest celebrity couple around, Kim and Kanye West are rumoured to be divorcing after seven years of marriage.

According to a US tabloid, “divorce is imminent” for the famous couple, and the power couple are believed to have spent the festive season apart, with West staying on his ranch in Wyoming while Kardashian is thought to have stayed in Los Angeles. The reports come after West claimed that he had been “trying” to divorce Kim since 2018.

The couple have four children together and throughout their relationship, although they are rich as hell, it hasn’t been plain sailing. Kim now states, according to a source, that she is “done” with Kanye, and it won’t be long before they’re both single again.

So what are the signs that have led to this breakup of marriage? When you’re in a committed relationship, it’s likely that not everything is going to be perfect all the time. There is room for issues, and subsequent growth to then make your bond stronger. But what if there’s more issues than growth? And how long do you ignore it or try your best to work on it until you say “enough is enough”?


We’ve put together 7 signs that you should look for when you’re in a commitment, to see if you’re better off on your own…


#1 You Do Things Separately

Don’t get me wrong – it’s very healthy to have different interests and want to do things apart from one another. That is, until it gets to the point where you’re living completely different lives. Like Kim and Kanye, if you’d rather spend the holiday season elsewhere rather than with the one you’re supposed to love, it’s time to get out.


#2 Having Different Priorities

Are you looking to get married and have babies while they are acting like they’re still a teenager? If so, you could be on two different trajectories. It might be worth having a chat about where you both see the relationship going to see if it aligns.


#3 You’re Always Arguing

As above, a little disagreement (and sometimes a full-blown row!) is very healthy and completely normal in a relationship. However, if you’re doing more arguing that having positive moments, you are likely not communicating the main thing – that you’re likely not very happy in your relationship.


#4 You Want Someone else

You can’t stop yourself from being attracted to other people – it’s human nature. When your feelings develop a bit further than surface level though, you need to prioritise before someone gets hurt.


#5 You’re living in the past

Is your day to day full of annoyance and sadness, leading you to think of years gone by that you used to have so much fun and enjoyment with this person? Are you longing for the days where you’d stay in bed snuggling, rather than arguing over who did what? It’s fine to have memories – that’s what the relationship is built on after all, but if you’re focusing on those rather than the here and now, you might be blinding yourself to the reality of your situation.


#6 You’re always defending them

Like Kim did when Kanye upset a lot of people during this ‘US Presidential Rally’, if you’re always rushing to their defence and placating the people who’ve been hurt, did you ever stop to think that it might be your partner who is the problem?


#7 You expect them to change

This is the biggest mistake. Of course, people can change over time, but when someone is a certain way, you can spend years and years trying to get them to act differently and they will only stay the same. Therefore, you’ve just wasted your time. Move on and find someone that makes your heart sing.


Are you shocked at the news about Kim and Kanye? What made you leave a committed relationship?

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