7 Tips on How To Make Your Love Life More Exciting Again

#1. Remember to be polite

In a relationship, the little things count because many people calculate and fight when the justice scale tips ever so slightly… things like chewing with your mouth open, being late or being insensitive can kill a relationship very quickly. Sometimes we make mistakes, but apologising and keeping our word can let our partner know that we care about them.


#2. Be a crazy bitch

I have seen many relationships which are soooo boring and predictable to watch. I feel like I’ve lost brain cells…therefore, when spicing up your love life, always be that crazy bitch inside and don’t be afraid to laugh and have fun. Don’t be afraid to scream and shake your booty!

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#3. Wear something hot

Listen, it’s 2020 and you’re getting older by the day. This is the time to be slut and show off that body after paying $10,000 per hour for a personal trainer at the gym. Get your man hot and bothered because you are America’s Next Top Model, honey. Slut is such an overused word and it practically has no meaning anyway…


#4. Stop giving two shits

“Does he like me?”, “Will he like me?”, “This is so awkward omg…”. Stop being basic and just be yourself. If he doesn’t like you now, he will never like you in the future. Stop trying to be normal, fake and happy. If your partner really cared, he wouldn’t give a crap whether you are being neurotic and stupid.

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#5. “It is better to give than to receive”

In every relationship, many people have this mentality that everyone should be treated equally. What happens a lot is that we spend a lot of energy being concerned with ourselves and we forget that a relationship is about love, not love for ourselves. If you are the only one that is giving, it’s time to leave and find someone who cares…but really, you should remember that a relationship is about love and unity. It’s not a maid service…


#6. Always give compliments

I think many people (including me) like to criticise and act holier than thou. I think making your partner happy and comfortable is the most attractive thing about a relationship because you feel happy for being a good person. By giving compliments and praising your partner, things feel less heavy and burdensome. Of course, be natural and please don’t feel like you’re obligated to be someone’s number one fan. Just be appropriate and be understanding of your partner’s needs.


#7. Never settle for mediocre

There are some people who like to stay in a relationship to prove to the world they are not alone. I think life is too short to stay with people who do not care about you. One should not lie to follow social norms. Life is too short to please other people. I believe an exciting lover is someone who makes you feel fiery and passionate. Time is ticking, so remember to have some fun!!

What do you think on these tips on how to make your love life more exciting? Will you be trying any of them? Comment down below and let us know:)

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