We’ve written a lot of articles at Kossie, across such a broad range of topics. As we cover so many subjects, we thought it would be a great idea to pull some of our best-loved articles into one place on one subject, to make things easier to navigate for you.

This month, we’re focusing on helping you to make the absolute best you can of your relationships. This includes your romantic relationships, sure, but also covers your friendships and work colleagues.


Why did we choose this subject?

No man is an island and we rely on human connection to fill our lives with excitement and happiness. Relationships aren’t easy though, and sometimes we need a little extra help to help us know how to manage them. Whether it’s a tough breakup, navigating a brand new relationship or even working on yourself to be more ready and open to meeting new people, we’ve got your covered.


Here are some of our best articles to teach you everything there is to learn about relationship GOALS.

  1. How can you make a relationship last? Find out here.
  2. Do you find your head turns easily when in a relationship? You could think about whether polyamory is better for you.
  3. Check out this expert advice from a coach if you’re wondering why you’re still single.
  4. In a relationship but want your partner to open up and trust you? We’ve got just the thing for you here.
  5. Starting to date again in 2021? Look out for these new dating trends!
  6. Overcome your emotional triggers to hold you in better stead for romance, friendships and work life.
  7. Want a boyfriend? Check first whether you’re emotionally ready for a relationship first.
  8. Learn how to manifest the best kind of relationships into your life with this article.


What will I learn from these articles? 

  • There is no room for becoming too comfortable in a relationship, as the other person may feel that you are being complacent and taking them for granted.
  • People change over time, we’re not stagnant beings, what works for you now doesn’t mean it’s going to be like that forever.
  • You never know what lies ahead, and giving up control will be a blessing for you and your love life.
  • How to cope when your partner starts to become defensive and offended – a clear sign he is going to shut himself down and begin to avoid his feelings.
  • We rounded up the top trends to look out for when you’re searching for a new beau this year, including slow dating, astro-dating and hardballing.
  • How to cope if you’re worried about doing the wrong thing, overthinking your partner’s actions and even sabotaging your relationships for fear of it ending unexpectedly.
  • Jumping into a relationship just because you WANT one may be the worst thing you can do, if you’re not emotionally available to make it work. Find out the best questions you can ask yourself to find out what your heart and mind wants.
  • How you can dig deep into your soul to find what it is that you truly desire, and then work hard to achieve your goal.


What does your ideal relationship look like?

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