Over the last six months or so, the world has changed drastically. We all became very well acquainted with our homes due to lockdown and for some, that meant working from home for the very first time. While working from home when most of us have been used to an office had its teething problems, it showed that the majority of office-based work COULD be done at home.

I have a friend whose office was extremely resistant to working from home, due to their systems not being ‘compatible’ for home working. Pre-COVID, if you asked to work from home, my friend said, you’d have to “report every hour of your activity, there was no trust”. Despite waiting until the very last minute before restrictions closed the office, this particular company is now considering making home-working the norm and getting rid of its very expensive London HQ - what a turnaround! Personally, I think that this is the attitude across the board - bosses are realising that actually, people can be trusted to get on with their jobs, even if they’re sat in their underwear with ‘Friends’ on in the background. Ultimately, people still have their passion for their career, office or not, and of cour, still want to be paid.  

Why Do People Want To Continue WFH?

An article in the BBC states that ‘nine in ten’ people would like to continue WFH if they had the option. In fact, the thousands of people who were surveyed said they were actually more productive than when they were in the office. I asked a few people about WFH  myself - here are their answers: “I appreciate my life so much more now I’m not in the office. I still catch up with my colleagues via Zoom but I can’t explain how much not having to get up super early and then returning late and night improves my life,” said Anna, 33, “I have so much more reclaimed time, while doing my job to the same standard as before.” Ellis, 25 said: “I don’t see why I have to sit at an uncomfortable desk for 8 hours a day and sit with people I don’t really like, when I can do the exact same job at home and go for a walk at lunchtime if I like. It’s also nice to finish at 5pm and already be at home.”

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