Many at-home trends have surged in popularity as a result of the pandemic stay-at-home order. Here in New York, indoor planting is one of them. A new article from The New York Post states: “New Yorkers are going green while in quarantine.” And there are a lot of reasons why this micro-trend deserves all the traction.

Darryl Cheng, author of “The New Plant Parent” and creator of House Plant Journal – an online resource for sensible houseplant care, is here to share with us the art of appreciating plants, the power of house-planting on our wellbeing, as well as why you should add it to your self-care list. Because plant care is self-care! To Darryl, plant care is about appreciating plants holistically – Aesthetics, Biology, and Companionship.  


There is this common idea that houseplants are only décor for visual pleasure and objects that require maintenance. In reality, they are so much more than that. Keeping a planter or two around your apartment not only purifies indoor air, but also gives it a little bit of touch-up that personalises your living space. Aside from adding aesthetics to an interior space, plant care is an art that teaches you to pay close attention and appreciate simplicity – the two things that we need when we are stuck at home 24/7.  


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