When Adele burst onto the UK scene in 2008 with her debut album 19, she was a breath of fresh air. She was someone you wanted to be friends with and have a drink in the pub with, she smoked and had a laugh – well, more of a cackle – that was absolutely infectious. Since then, the powerhouse has released banger after banger, becoming a superstar whilst keeping her sense of humour and down-to-earth persona.

However, since she stepped into the public eye, throughout the years many people and the media have commented on her weight. To her fans, Adele was adored whatever her weight – I mean she’s ADELE for God’s sake. To some tabloid newspapers that I’d rather not mention however, Adele’s weight was a topic of conversation brought up in every story, no matter why she was in the news.

More recently, Adele has been going through some issues in her personal life, including a divorce. Although there are few known details about the situation, any divorce is an emotional, tough time which can really affect someone’s mental health. While Adele is being extremely private about her divorce (which she has every right to be, to avoid the papers and public casting aspersions), there is one thing that has brought her into the public eye once again – and it’s not her music.


Adele’s Weight-Loss In The News

On her 32nd birthday a long while back, Adele was seen looking much slimmer than how we are used to seeing her. She looked fantastic – but then she’s always looked fantastic. However, very quickly the stories began to appear to appear across the internet: ‘Adele’s AMAZING seven stone weight-loss’, ‘Adele eats 1,000 calories a day and exercises six days a week’ and ‘INCREDIBLE weight-loss’.

Since then, she has shared lots of pictures on her social media, and it appears that everyone has an opinion. “You look amazing!” one will say, while another says: “You looked so much better before”. Some said she had had “the mother of all glow-ups”, while others said her weight-loss was a “betrayal” to the body-positive community.

Losing weight can be very beneficial to health for some, but the way weight-loss is portrayed, along with the fat-phobic narrative often used in the media can be incredibly damaging to women’s psyches. To that end, it’s really problematic to keep commenting on Adele’s weight-loss – or anyone’s for that matter.



Our Weights Are Not The Extent Of Our Worth

When I see the stories about Adele’s weight-loss, I am torn. On the one hand, I am happy for her and seeing her smiling face brings me joy. On the other hand, I am worried for her and her fans who might be seeing and reading all of the comments which state that she looks ‘so much better’ having lost weight. For someone who looks more like Adele’s ‘before’ picture, that could be really damaging. Even for someone who is naturally slim, seeing people calling Adele ‘anorexic’ and ‘too skinny’ can be a trigger for feeling insecure in their own bodies.

In 2020, it’s a shame that weight and body shape are still such a focal point. When will we learn that someone’s worth isn’t ever, ever tied to their weight?

I have a rule that I never comment on someone’s body weight or shape, not even if I mean it as a compliment. Can we make that a thing? As long as someone is happy, their weight shouldn’t ever be a factor or a topic on someone else’s lips.

It’s nuts to me that Adele’s weight is the ‘news’ rather than her amazing dress sense, or how funny she is. I hope for her sake and mental health that she doesn’t read any of it and just goes on, living her life, releasing great music and being her best self – whatever size she is.

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