Alice Carder, Entrepreneur & Self-Evolution Coach

Alice Carder, Entrepreneur & Self-Evolution Coach

Have you heard of EFT? What does EFT stands for? One of the newest technique on tapping into your feelings and helping you to release the emotions. Alice Carder shares with us why she doesn’t suffer from Monday Blues and how she faces her emotions instead of avoiding them.

Beating the Monday Blues

“If you’re suffering from Monday Blues, it’s probably a sign that you need to change something in your life. Maybe you’re not happy with your job; maybe it’s just the role that is not suiting you. If could be anything, really. But if you’re consistently waking up not feeling good on a Monday morning, that’s an emotional alarm that something needs to change.”

“If you can actually tap into those feelings, they can be good messengers to show you what’s really going on for you.”

“I think a lot of the time, we tend to run away from our emotions or we get scared about being overwhelmed by our feelings.. But if you can actually tap into those feelings, they can be good messengers to show you what’s really going on for you and give you insights into how to create a life that really lights you up.”

“If you can’t change your situation right away, you could try changing how you think about it and the prominence it has in your life. Start by putting you back in the centre of your life, by doing one thing every day that is just for you. Something that makes you feel happy or joyful – be it having a nice hot drink that you really enjoy in the morning, going for a walk or doing something else that nourishes your soul.”

Alice Carder, Entrepreneur & Self-Evolution Coach

Alice Carder, Entrepreneur & Self-Evolution Coach
Alice Carder, Entrepreneur & Self-Evolution Coach

















8:00 A.M. – Start My Morning

“To be completely honest, I rarely set an alarm. I wake up when I’m done sleeping. Part of the reason I wanted to work for myself was to allow myself to honour my body’s rhythms and wake up at a time that feels good to me from within. Generally, I wake up around 8:00 a.m. as a general rule, but it’s not set in stone for me. If I’m tired, I’ll sleep longer. I mean, I love my sleep.” (Laughs)

“The first thing I do after waking up is to list three things that I genuinely appreciate in my life. It give me a real good boost. It doesn’t matter what mood I wake up in. Once I’ve dropped into that space and conjure those thoughts in my mind, it always makes me feel really good. I like to do that when I’m still in bed because then it comes from a habit and I don’t forget to do it.”

8:30 A.M. – Instant Motivational Boosters

“I’m usually very motivated because I love what I do. But if I don’t feel motivated in the morning, which is quite rare for me, I will do a bit of heart breathing. So I put my hand over my heart and feel my heart in my chest, before starting to breathe in for a count of six and then breathing out for a count of six. Just regulating my breathing and focusing my attention on my heart seems to do a world of good to my thoughts and emotions. Then, I ask myself how am I feeling? Usually, the answers are quite surprising.”

“Feeling unmotivated is such a general feeling, so there’s usually something much more specific underneath those emotions.”

“Another thing that I do is EFT – emotional freedom technique, also known as tapping. So basically, I tap on certain meridian points on my body while tuning into how I’m feeling. For example, I tap on my head, I tap here and there. I find it helps me to literally tap into and let go of underlying emotions that may otherwise have remained stuck. Sometimes, I’ll do a few rounds of EFT and and I’ll just start crying. I might not know immediately why I’m crying, but eventually insights will come. It helps me release any trapped emotions and I feel absolutely amazing afterwards.”

“Feeling unmotivated is such a general feeling, so there’s usually something much more specific underneath those emotions. This is why it’s a good to tune in and find out what it actually is that’s making you feel unmotivated, and then you have some insight to help you deal with it.”

9:00 A.M. – Skincare Routine with Alice Carder

“Recently, I made a conscious decision to change all of my products into natural ones. I’m now using Suntegrity natural sunscreen;  I have also changed my deodorant to a Salt of the Earth natural deodorant, which I love. Other than that, I use a natural blend of essential oils as my perfume. They were blended for me by a woman who conducts scent ceremonies and helps choose which oils you need.”

“In terms of staying youthful, I don’t actually view life this way. My best friend died when we were both 24. For this reason, I have a really different perspective on being alive and think that I’m just fu*king grateful for every single day that I’m here. Honestly, I’m happy to grow older as that means having more time on earth. That’s my viewpoint on ‘staying youthful’!”

“In terms of caring for the way I look, I’d say I take an inside out approach – eating healthily and drinking lots of water, meditating, yoga, processing my emotions so they don’t stay clogged up in my body! And exercising.”

9:30 A.M. – A Tea Person

“I really don’t enjoy eating early in the morning. So, I usually have a cup of Pukka Turmeric tea or something. I gave up caffeine this year as well and I’ve had so much more energy since, and no dips during the day. So no more tea or coffee for me, just a nice caffeine-free hot drink.”

“Sometimes, I feel like caffeine is the biggest lie. We’ve all bought into the facade that we need it, so that some people can make a lot of money by selling it to us in the form of coffee. I don’t want to be reliant on a drink for my energy. I want to connect with my inner source of energy as well as the universe’s infinite energy source that we can all tap into at any point.”

10:00 A.M. – Supports Women in Their Evolution

“I don’t set an alarm for work. But if I feel energized upon waking up, and I’ve got all these ideas bubbling up inside of me,  I’ll be like ‘I need to get this down now.’ I keep a notebook by my bed for exactly this!”

“I don’t have a typical work schedule. So, my day usually consists of client calls, maybe scheduling posts on social media, blog writing or discovery calls of potential clients, it’s really varied. I’m working with people, so every single client is completely different. All of them bring something new to the call or bring something unique to my attention. This can lead me to open up to different things as well. It’s a beautifully symbiotic process.”

“This morning, I had a meeting with my client who has been working with me for about three months; that’s half way through her journey with me. She just turned around and said that working with me has changed her life! And that our work together has helped her get more clients in her healing business too. I’ve been helping her to overcome fear; to put herself out there in the world without any inhibition. So, when she said that to me this morning, I was just like ‘Wow.’ I can’t describe that feeling I get when I’m able to facilitate such a big impact on somebody.  I love that fact that I’m helping her to help other people too. It’s a world changing ripple effect.”

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