Alice Carder’s Tips For Finding Your Passion and Pursuing Your Dream Career

Alice Carder’s Tips on How To Find Passion and Pursuing Your Dream Career

Are you suffering Monday blues? Or even, worse? Sunday night blues? You don’t want to be in an office but you have to, because you have to make a living for yourself. Have you ever questioned why you have all those overwhelming feelings? Whereas entrepreneurs tend to be happier than the rest of us. We all know what the reason is, they do what they love. But the question is, are we still able to achieve that too when we are still unsure about what our passion is? Here, we asked Alice to share her advice to given situations from our readers on how to find passion and pursuing your dream career:-

1. “I Don’t Know What My Passion Is…”

Alice: Firstly, I think you really have to get to know yourself – your strengths, values and what lights you up. I strongly believe that personal development is the best investment you’ll ever make, because you are your No.1 asset in life and everything you do is going to come from you. So start with you. Prioritise getting to know and understand yourself.

Secondly, experiment with different things. Before I become a Self-Evolution coach, I did lot of things including working as a TV journalist, for a charity and also as part of a start-up. It really allowed me to discover what I don’t like. And I gained loads of different skills throughout all of those career moves. Everything you do is going to be valuable, and when you think of it like that you can’t go wrong. A lot of people think they’re wasting their time, but actually it’s the other way around, you’re learning and growing. How can that be wasting time?
And then, you have to make space in your life for self-reflection. So, whether it is through meditation, going on a retreat, hiring a coach or journaling, etc. There’s a lot of things you can do to enable you to really reflect on what you truly want. Sometimes, you will be surprised by the answers that come out when you do that.

2. “I’m Find The Steps To Achieving My Dream Goal Frustrating…”

Alice: I think it’s different for every person, but if there’s something you need to do in order to achieve your dream and passion, and you don’t want to do that thing, then maybe you don’t want that dream enough.
You have to ask yourself, ‘What am I willing to do to get to that place?’ The mindset of extremely successful people is usually like, ‘This is my dream and there’s nothing that’s going to get in my way to achieve my goal.’ That’s determination.

So, if you go along and you realize that you actually don’t enjoy doing this, this isn’t good for me, or this isn’t conducive to the life I want to live, then maybe it’s time to change your goal! Change your dream!


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3. “How Will I Know When I Have Found My True Passion… What Will It Feel Like?”


Alice: There’s a phrase like, ‘If you do a job you love, you’ll never work a day again in your life.’ For me, when I found coaching and I realized that this is something I’ve always done my whole life and I can actually make a career out of it it was like everything just clicked into place. I don’t ever feel like I’m working, I just feel like I’m spending my time doing something I love, in service to others. For me, this is what it feels like when you find your true passion.
I also think it makes you feel that everything suddenly becomes aligned – Everything you are, everything you’ve done in the past, everything you want to do, and all those strands of your life come together. It just feels absolutely amazing.


4. “I Feel Lost And I Have No Clue Where To Find My Passion…”


Alice: I think if you struggle to find your passion, it’s probably because you haven’t given yourself permission to do the steps I mentioned before – Go out there, explore yourself and try different things. And if fear is blocking you, if you are afraid to fail, I’d say there’s no such thing as failure because everything we do in life, we’re basically testing water; we’re putting our toe in, and if it doesn’t feel right, we’ll pull back and try something else based on the learning we’ve experienced.  
If you’re not giving yourself permission to do that, you’re going to get stuck in something that doesn’t suit you very, very quickly. And also, I think people get stuck in a certain job, or a role that they’ve always done because they convince themselves that they can’t do anything else. So it’s also about working on your mindset toward that.


5. “I Am Scared To Pursue My Dream.”


Alice: The biggest thing I see holding people back is fear.
It happened to me, as well. Just before I started my coaching business, I certainly had all the knowledge and skills required for the job. I even had the confidence that I knew what I was doing. But for some reason, I had this overwhelming sense of fear – The fear of leaving my comfortable job and just stepping out into the unknown. The feeling is real and it paralyzed me. That’s when I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) that I talked about in my Monday morning routine interview. 

I had a session of EFT and there was a lot of crying and then when the tears stopped, something had completely shifted and it was like the fear had dissolved. Suddenly, I felt really clear about what I needed to do.


6. “But I Don’t Think I Want To Be My Own Boss. What Can I Do?”


Alice: I think there’s a real trend at the moment, for everybody to be an entrepreneur, but actually, some people don’t want to be their own boss and that’s perfectly okay. Some people don’t want to run their own company, but it’s still possible to have an entrepreneurial mindset, if you work within a company where you are being valued as a person. If you work somewhere where you are respected, the way you do things and you have that freedom to innovate and bring in change through your role. If you can find that, then I think that’s just as entrepreneurial as running your own business in a lot of ways.  

To me an entrepreneurial mindset is just looking at things and wanting to do things differently, and seeing where you can add value or make something better. It may not always be about changing something either, sometimes it may just be about adding value to something. This is known as an ‘Intrapreneur,’ a manager who operates like an entrepreneur, but within a company.



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