KossiexIncredibleTwo - Anjhe Mules and Jason Mules at Lucas Hugh's studio

Anjhe Mules & Jason Marcus, Founder & Co-CEO of activewear brand, Lucas Hugh shares with us their start up journey and how this incredible ambitious couple manage their relationship apart from the busy work schedule…

– Career – 

Anjhe Mules: I found Lucas Hugh in 2007 with the idea of creating a technical product in a high fashion way. I spent three years working on the development of the product and made sure it was perfect before we went to market in 2010.

Jason Marcus: As my father had worked in the apparel industry, I have grown up with an understanding of design and production. I joined the team in 2013 as a business partner and co-CEO, then we married later in 2014.

Anjhe Mules: His skills are very essential  in managing the growth of the business and we both have very different skills which compliment each other to make a stronger team. He focuses on developing the operational structure of the business which allows me to have my full attention on our product and the brand itself. At the end of the day we are a partnership and it’s about building the business together.

“… build a strong foundation in personal development, it’s really helped how we communicate with each other and our team.”

Anjhe: The brand reached profitability in early 2013. During our first two seasons, we were fortunate to see strong sell-through through our stockist partners including Net-A-Porter and Browns. Later that year, we saw a dramatic increase in sales when our products were heavily featured in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire film. The team were responsible for designing the training outfits used for both the male and female cast members. Including Performance V2 Capri legging using performance fabric – made for high intensity fitness and activity. We gained a huge success from the press coverage we received from the film.

Jason: After the success of the Hunger Games, we learnt that the impact press and celebrity could have on our business. Knowing that it would be important to capitalise on the increased brand awareness from the film. We saw the opportunity to take it to the next level, upgrading our e-commerce platform and expanding our product line to better serve our customer’s needs better.

Anjhe: We are very interested in personal development and having both had the wonderful opportunity to work with mentors. Enabled us to build a strong foundation in personal development, it’s really helped how we communicate with each other and our team.

Jason: For us, having an open line of communication is crucial and it has been an amazing opportunity to build something together (Both professionally and personally). I truly believe that working out is incredibly important for us. Not only does living an active lifestyle helps us to understand the needs of our business, it offers positive support to our mental and physical wellbeing.

Anjhe: We actively work to keep a routine, equally managing our hours at the office and at home with two of our children. In fact, I consider a workout is a crucial part of my day, so it must happen!

“We work to set an example for our team, challenging them to avoid any overtime where possible.”

Anjhe: Each day we try to give the business 100% commitment, allowing us to walk away in the evenings and switch focus to our family. I feel like we are both very open with communicating our needs to one another, sharing the business allows us the opportunity to support one another when needed. Besides spending valuable time with my children in morning and early evening, we also love bringing our children into the office to interact with the team.

– Work-life balance – 

Jason: It’s very important to create time to step-back and unwind allowing for opportunities to travel and time to spend with family. Anjhe’s family is from New Zealand and my family is from Cape Town. We take turns visiting our families abroad and value the opportunity to share these places with our children.

Anjhe: In the office we offer weekly workouts for our team, working with Heartcore, their founder; Jess Schuring and 22 Training with my personal trainer, Dalton Wong. The team really looks forward to these classes, and of course, our team is always kitted out in Lucas Hugh which keeps the team in-tune with our product. Lately the team has been working on headstands which had made for some impressive somersaults. (Laughs)

Jason: We work to set an example for our team, challenging them to avoid any overtime where possible. Sometimes with two children both under two years old, our nights can be restless, but we try to maintain a regimented nightly routine. Sitting down together at dinner as a family is really important to us.

– Self-care –

Anjhe: He is the cook in our family! (Proud) I have been gluten free since we started dating, it was very easy for me align with his gluten and dairy free diet, because he had truly perfected so many flavourful recipes.

Jason: Like my 10 mins post-workout meal – Quick, simple and delicious.

Anjhe: After dinner, I like to wind down with a bath. I really enjoy using Aromatherapy Associates bath oils. Sometimes I love to have an early night as I am often up at 4:30 in the morning. I don’t have a quick-fix for lack of sleep but I try to eat healthy as a rule. I take Vitamin C daily as well as Omega oils which help with staying well and managing mental stress. I also find massage help managing stress and muscle tension. And I love having a massage at home through Ruby Concierge – Very convenient.

Editor’s noteThis article was revised on 7 June 2018. It previously misstated that Jason Marcus joined the team in 2013 as a business partner. This is incorrect. He joined the team as Co-CEO as well.

Note to YOU… We hope you’ve enjoyed this interview with the fantastically dedicated and hard-working couple, Anjhe Mules and Jason Marcus behind activewear brand Lucas Hugh. Over time we look forward to bringing you more from our “Incredible Two” series to inspire you, the reader, to go out and achieve your desires while maintaining a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, woman in business or simply exploring inspirational London lifestyle bloggers. The world is here to be conquered and only you can lead the charge to your own achievements.

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