Experiencing with Post-Pandemic Anxiety?

Slowly, but slowly, the world is beginning to right itself after being completely upended by COVID-19. Whilst not due to get back to complete ‘normal’ for the foreseeable, we are starting to envision what our lives look like in a post-pandemic timeline. Whilst for many this will be a relief, for some, thinking about what comes ‘after’ is a source of anxiety and worry. To find out how we can cope in a post-COVID world, especially when dealing with anxiety, we spoke to Lorraine Pascale – ‘The Anxiety Coach’ – to help. Lorraine helps women to manage their anxiety whilst and to have the courage to live the life they want.    

1.“I’m a bit worried about going out to the real world again, even though some restrictions are lifted. I am scared of a second wave of COVID-19? I mean, is it safe out there?”

    Lorraine: At times like these it is important to look at what we can and cannot control. It can help to get a piece of paper and on the left write ‘things I can control’ and on the right put ‘things I cannot control’. In the things you can control you can put things such as, wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer and or gloves, washing hands often, avoiding crowded places, saying no to going to friends houses. On the other side you can write the things that you cannot control such as; other people wearing mask, a second peak, or people not social distancing. This will help shift the focus over to the things that we can control and away from the things we can’t which can help to manage this post-pandemic anxiety.    

2. “I am getting comfortable living like this - doing everything under one roof. I have to head back to work soon and don’t really like to think of changing my daily routine. It causes me anxiety, even thinking of it.”


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