You go everywhere together – all the right places and he treats you like a princess. You’re in love and can basically hear the wedding bells. There’s just one problem. When it comes to the bedroom, you’re like chalk and cheese.

So what exactly is the problem? Well, something that may cause issues down the line. You may be sexually incompatible. Of course, love and sex aren’t the same things, and every person’s circumstances are different.


How do you know when you’re sexuxally incompatible with your partner? We’ve put 6 tips together to find out.


#1 You’re Out Of Sync

Are you a morning and afternoon delight kind of person, whereas he is a night bird? Is he up for it all the time, but you have to get your errands out of the way before you even think of jumping in the sack? You’re likely out of sync with one another. This could be temporary, but if it’s the way you’re built, it could be harder to make it work.


#2 Your Tastes Are Different

It can be a really difficult bridge to cross when you like to be spontaneous and adventurous, and his idea of a really saucy evening is changing position once. There’s nothing wrong with vanilla sex of course, but if that’s someone’s bread and butter and you’re all about trying new things, you might struggle to keep things on an even keel.


#3 You Feel Awkward

Sex is supposed to be fun, and there’s should always be an opportunity for a bit of a laugh and a little awkwardness, especially at the beginning. However, if you feel a tense awkwardness around each other when you’re trying to get turned on – and it’s not changing –  that’s not a good sign.


#4 They Turn You Off

This is likely the most obvious sign. If someone has an amazing job, treats you great and all your friends and family love him – great. If you’re turned off by his sexual prowess in the bedroom though, how can you move past this? No amazing date will make up for this.


#5 You’re Both Making Excuses

Headache? Too tired? Really interesting book or TV programme? There are no end of excuses you can think of to avoid getting freaky in the sheets. Not having sex if you don’t feel like it is absolutely fine – but if you’re doing it EVERY time, you might need to ask yourself why.


#6 You’re Fantasising

Love having sex, but aren’t ever ‘present’ because you’re somewhere else in your mind? Fantasing can be an amazing part of sex, and something you can bring in to spice up your relationship. But if you’re looking to images of movie stars in your head every time, you might want to go and look for someone else to actually be in the moment with.


Unfortunately, there are no quick fixes to the issues you’re dealing with in your relationship. It may sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many couples don’t communicate their issues when it comes to sex. However, this should be one of your first moves when you notice the sexual incompatibility. Just know that you’re not the first couple to deal with issues of sexual incompatibility, and you won’t be the last. If you’re really wanting to save the relationship, open up and try to get through it.


What other signs have you noticed when you just don’t click in the bedroom?

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