Bobsy Gaia, Founder, MANA! Fast Slow Food

Bobsy Gaia, Founder, MANA! Fast Slow Food

Probably one of the best vegan restaurant in Hong Kong, Mana Fast Slow Food has became one of the most popular lunch spot. Bobsy Gaia, founder of the restaurant shares his secrets for a better Monday and how he has helped raise awareness of sustainability and veganism in the city.

Beating the Monday Blues

“If you have Monday Blues, that means you’re not very happy with your job. But more importantly, it means you’re not following your passion. If you’re following your passion, every day is a day to create. A day to make a difference, a day to make a change. You don’t separate your work from your life because your life is your work, and your work is your life.”

“I understand it happens to many, many people, perhaps they need to reflect and ask themselves, ‘Are they doing what they really love?’, ‘Are they adding value to the world?’, ‘Are they part of the problem, or are they part of the solution?’. These are very important questions to ask.”

“Your passion is your fuel to manifest your mission, to create your own vision.”

“Firstly, you have to find what you’re passionate about. The moment you find what you’re passionate about, you follow it, whether it makes money or not. Whether your parents like it, or not. You follow your passion, so your passion becomes a mission, then you start living your mission. Once you live your mission for a while you receive knowledge, you gain experience, and then you have a vision. Your passion is your fuel to manifest your mission, to create your own vision.”

“So, what a lot of people do especially in Hong Kong is, they suffer pain from their job, and they won’t leave this job until they find another job. But the universe doesn’t work that way – How can the universe fill your cup when your cup is already half full? You need to empty your cup completely, and then say, ‘Okay, I’m ready. Now I can get the job I want, or the boyfriend I want, or the girlfriend I want, or the life I want.’ But you can’t be walking around with your cup half-full, expecting the universe to fill it.”

Bobsy Gaia, Founder, MANA! Fast Slow Food

6:30 A.M. – Start My Morning

“I enjoy waking up a little bit early, so I generally wake up around 6:30. The first thing I do is to go to the toilet of course. (Laughs) Then I sit down on my bed and I meditate. I like to do my meditation before leaving my bed, showering and getting dressed.”

“What I do for meditation is I have a daily gratitude that I say; I ask for forgiveness from the people I have hurt, I forgive the people who have hurt me, I forgive myself for the hurt I have inflicted on myself and I give thanks to everything. It’s all about giving gratitude, and being thankful, and saying thank you, and also forgiveness, that is my practice. Then I like to burn Satya Nag Champa Handrolled Incense Sticks to clear the space, purifies the air before I begin breathing exercise.”

“I also like to sit at my altar for breathing exercise as well, because this is a powerful way to connect with what matters the most in my life on a daily basis. For example, I have photos of Native American-Indians, because I have a karmic relationship with them and they are my ancestor, my previous lives. I also have a lot of rocks that I found on the beach. I think they’re very beautiful objects and I have one carved with a symbol ‘Om’ – Foundation of meditation which is the first sound in the universe. All of these sacred objects from my altar are very special to me and they bring me to a peaceful state of mind.”

“So, this is my morning practice every day.”

7:00 A.M. – Skincare Routine with Bobsy Gaia

“After I finish meditation, I head to toilet and wash my face, then I massage my face with Neal’s Yard Remedies Rosehip Oil. This is the only skincare product I use. I also use Neal’s Yard Tea Tree oil and Clove oil but these are essential oil I used for burns or medical purposes.”

??:?? A.M. – Breakfast Time

“What I always do is drink a lot of warm water in the morning. Sometimes I have fresh lemon juice, or Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, or garlic juice with my water, then I drink fresh coconut juice and have fruits. I also take Sunfood Chlorella daily as well. This is a super green food, not a supplement. It’s seaweed from the water which contains a good source of multiple vitamins and minerals.”

“But what time is my real breakfast? That can change.”







??:?? A.M. – Make a revolution in consumer awareness

“I don’t have any fixed daily routine and every day is different; I can start working early and finish early, or I can work until late night. It doesn’t matter to me. So, if you say, ‘Hey Bobsy, let’s go to the cinema.’ I would say, ‘Sure, let’s go to the cinema.’ Because I’m always open with my time. It’s not like, ‘Oh sorry, I can’t! I’ve planned this.’ For me, everything’s often in the flow.”

“But of course, there’s always work that requires to be done. With Mana, we are a movement and we are building a brand, so it never ends, never ends! Even if there’s 25 hours in one day, the work would continue.”

“We continuously raise awareness and promote education about days such as Earth day, World Vegan Day, World Food Waste, etc. So, people can learn that there are more holidays than Christmas and New Year. We have very important days that have a big impact on everyone. For example, on World Vegan Day, you get food at half price to educate people the importance of veganism.”

“Because of Mana, there’s a whole young generation in Hong Kong that is aware of sustainable living and aware of the unstoppable rise of veganism. We’ve been championing the same message for 26, 27 years, not only through Mana, but in other ways as well.”

 The Greatest Thing about Being a Morning Person 

“Since I meditate first thing in the morning, it keeps me a bit more focused, a bit calmer and a bit more relaxed, but more importantly, it keeps me grounded in the moment.”









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