Bringing Work life Balance to a Chaotic Lifestyle

Being a full-time college student, not to mention work and other responsibilities, I was once struggling with finding order in my disorderly work schedule. On some Wednesday nights, I would go to sleep at 11 pm, thinking to myself that I would power through my work the next morning. Then there were Sunday nights where I would be working up until 1am to catch up on my assignments that were due the next day. As deadlines started flooding in and workloads piling up, I felt increasingly exhausted and emotionally drained, to a point where every day felt like a workday.


Chaotic would be the right word to describe my previous lifestyle. And I realised the culprit at work was: there was not a beginning and an end to my week!


The words “weekday” and “weekend” used to exist interchangeably in my schedule – there was no clear division between work time and fun time so it was all up to my “will” and “motivation” to do work. I’m sure it wouldn’t surprise you if I tell you I would often give myself reasons to procrastinate. I don’t feel like doing it now… I will do it later…I promise, I will… And the next thing you know, I was staying up till late at night to catch up on my work.


It was very problematic because my work schedule became a continuous cycle of non-stop working. I wasn’t able to fully immerse myself in whatever fun I was doing because there was this constant worry of not being able to finish work that loomed at the back of my mind.


Needless to say, our minds can’t operate 24/7. We are not machines! We need to have time where our minds are completely free from work, so we can recharge our physical and emotional energy fully for the next burst of energy and productivity.





One change that I made was to clearly divide up my workdays (Mondays through Fridays) and non-workdays (Saturdays and Sundays). And let me tell you, I’ve again found order in my previously chaotic lifestyle!


Instead of procrastinating on some days and overloading on the others like I used to do before, what I’m doing now is: I lay out a detailed timeline, set the dates where I have to complete certain tasks, and keep track of my progress. It has been very helpful for me to develop a more concrete plan of achieving goals.


So here’s one piece of advice I have for you: maintaining order in your everyday life is very important! Or else, work will become a burden that we have to carry instead of an opportunity for inspiration and creativity.


To sum up, the ingredients that you will need are:

Dedicated work time + full on fun time + staying committed


And voila! You have created order!

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