How do we build resilience?

I don’t need to tell you that things are tough at the moment – the situation is changing day by day and it’s SCARY! Most of us are in our homes and it’s not out of the realms of possibility to know that we are are worried, anxious and looking to a future which is currently unknown, especially in our work lives. Businesses and companies are adapting to the new situation and restrictions, and the only way to survive is to build up your resilience. How, you ask? We have Lesley Calvo, Business & Life Coach and Reiki Master on hand to answer your queries about facing (and winning) the challenging battles to come.    

1.  “Coronavirus is changing our planned future of the business. Unfortunately, my business partner and I foresee different directions and if he refuses to change, I am afraid our business won’t survive through the crisis. What should I do?”

    Lesley: The first thing I would suggest is that you both do a mind map of possibilities for the future of your business now the climate has changed. Both of you take time each and really allow your imagination to run and think up all the different ways that you can envisage. You can do this separately, though in the same room. Once you have this, look at the others person’s and note which ideas you think have potential. With this information you can start to discuss which ideas can work together, what possibilities you have and how you can find a new road forward. You will both need to be flexible and really listen to the other’s reasoning and ideas.    

 2. “We have already asked the corporate bank for a business loan to go through this difficult time. But I am still scared that I will be unable to save our business...”


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