Cameron Rogers’s Tips on How to Be Consistent With a Healthy Lifestyle
Looking for healthy eating tips? Have you found yourself struggling with the following scenarios:- Should I should spend times in the Sunday afternoon and do groceries shopping to kickstart the upcoming week, or just stay in and binge-watch on Netflix? Should I go on to reward ourselves to have an unhealthy but very tasty and highly satisfying meal on a Wednesday afternoon? Should I skip lunch in order to get more work done? Plus, I don’t want to feel sleepy after meal. If you are struggling with any of these scenarios, here are the best nutritious / healthy eating tips from Cameron on similar scenarios given from our readers:-  
1. “What are something light and healthy that I can pack for lunch at work? More importantly, to make me feel energetic.”
  Personally, I am a big fan of a hearty salad for lunch. Since I am a big parfait or oatmeal fan for breakfast and I often find myself going out for dinner, lunch is the meal where I’m mainly focused on to get my servings of vegetables. Plus, something too heavy can give me that post lunch “need for a nap” feeling, especially if you’re working a desk job. Salads are super easy to prep and bring with you to work, allow you to get creative with the ingredients in your fridge and pantry, and load up on vegetables. I personally love a good kale Greek salad with roasted chicken or a kale fall salad. It’s important for you to find a salad that you actually enjoy (which is a key to follow your own healthy eating tips) and pack a good combination, because there’s nothing worse than spending time prepping something and then sitting down, only to realize you don’t like the meal you’ve made. No sad desk lunches here! If you’re not a salad person, no worries! I’ve actually rounded up my favorite meal preppable lunch options here; they not only include some salad options, but also tons of soups, stews, and other easy and healthy meals to pack for your day at work.  
2. “What are some light snacks I could carry with me around for when I need some motivation and energy booster?”

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