Can Your Sex Life in a Long term Relationship Still Be Hot & Satisfying?

When we first enter into a newly fresh relationship, the sex itself tends to be pretty hot and filled with sparks, unless you’ve met a partner who has less sexual experience or is not compatible with you sexually. At work the next day, you’d picture how you and your partner interacted last night in your mind when you’re drafting an important email to your boss. You might not be productive and focused as you wanted to be because you’re craving that kind of intimacy again. This is usually how your sex life in the honeymoon period goes!


However, when thinking about sex life in a long term relationship, it tends to be ‘boring and dull’. Johanna Rief, head of sexual empowerment at world-leading intimate pleasure products company, We-Vibe and Womanizer points out: “It is possible to experience a feeling of boredom in the bedroom. You and your partner are probably doing it in the same sex positions such as missionary, doggy and cowgirl, etc. It’s pretty normal to most modern relationships, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of or to worry about too much”.


One of Johanna favourite tips is to “introduce a sex toy to your sex life”.


The tricky part is, can we make a change in our sex life once stepping into a committed stage of the relationship? What’s the next step to bringing hotness back to the bedroom? She says: “Talk to your partner! Communication is key. Talk about how you feel, your wishes and concerns and ask them how they see it. If you both agree and want to spice things up, you are half-way there”. The next question that might pop up into your mind is, would this kind of candid conversation be awkward and uncomfortable? I believe the answer is probably yes. One important thing to remember is, the outcome is much valuable than why or how you bring up the topic.


If you’re lucky enough, your partner may also feel like the sex life has become a routine and there’s no fun in doing it anymore. One of Johanna favourite tips is to “introduce a sex toy to your sex life”. She points out: “The sex toy market is not what it used to be, but offers some high-tech pleasure products, that are designed for couples such as We-Vibe Chorus, which can be worn by the woman during sex and stimulates both partners at the same time”. This is such a great news for many couples that haven’t introduced sex toy into their sex life yet.


Some of the couples might have included sex toys in the early stage of their sex lives, especially women who need to stimulate their clitoris in order to have orgasm. Johanna shared some other ideas to add spice into relationship sex lives would be: “Sexting with your partner during the day – think of a role-play that you both would enjoy, or you can even pretend to meet each other for the first time on a real date”. She also addresses the key to maintaining a hot and satisfying sex life is: “you just need to make this a priority”, which I agree with. I believe too many of us aren’t aware of the importance of good sex during a relationship – it could be fun at all stages of a relationship!

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