How to motivate yourself when you feel not good enough? We all get days when we’re not feeling out absolute best and it can be hard to motivate yourself when you’re feeling a bit ‘meh’. What can you do in this situation? We enlisted the help of Nina Sasson who helps people to find a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment within. She’s on a mission to transform how people function and perform in the workplace by helping them shed old belief systems and cultural conditioning and believes that they can fully access their gifts and inner wisdom to create careers that light them up. Read more if you like to see how to motivate yourself...    

1.“My boss always criticises my work without asking what I’m struggling with. I feel frustrated when facing this situation, but I still have to move forward. Is there any quick fix?”

    Nina: Any time we feel criticised or frustrated at work it’s always a fabulous opportunity for us to practice going within. These moments of agitation, challenge, and struggle are our spiritual vitamins! Going within when you feel criticised looks like taking a break from what you’re doing, taking a few breaths, and sitting with yourself. If you feel criticised by others the question to ask yourself is: “how am I criticising myself? Or how am I being extra hard on myself today?” I also recommend setting a timer for 2-3 minutes to write down everything and anything that comes up for you around these questions in a journal. In 3 minutes or less, you have the opportunity to recognise how life, work, and your boss are simply reflections of the relationship that you have with yourself. And in this recognition, you have the chance to see your own power in the unfolding of your life at work. Talk about a quick fix!    

2. “Some of my job responsibilities has been passed to other colleagues. Am I not good enough? Why does my boss choose to believe in her ability over mine? What should I do?”

    Nina: Of course you are good enough! Shifting your perspective is everything.
  1. I want to start by sharing a deep truth with you—if you take things at work personally, you’ll find thousands of enemies. If you can see things from an impersonal place at work, you’ll have no enemies. Other colleagues sharing your responsibilities doesn’t mean anything about you or your abilities.
  2. What good can you recognise from this situation? Maybe you have some extra time now to tackle larger projects? Or the shift in responsibilities gives you the chance to pitch your larger ideas for the company to your boss?
Shifting your perspective to take in the good of every experience will not only increase your confidence and self-trust but will also allow for your boss and colleagues to trust you too!

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