How to Motivate Yourself?

When everything is so unsure and you just don’t know what’s going to happen next, it can be difficult to find that motivation you know is hiding somewhere beneath the surface. Often, it can be hard to put your finger on exactly what is causing you to have low motivation. We called in Alice Chien, a Career Do Over Ninja and creator of Purpose Driven Careers, a program that helps people go from career hell to looking forward to Mondays again to help us find that seed of ‘get up and go’ that’s there somewhere! Continue reading to find out how to motivate yourself...    

1. “I am currently in vacation mode and I can’t be bothered to work right now, especially when working from home is the new normal and my boss is unable to monitor me anyway. However, I still have a pile of work that needs to be done. How can I get out of this?”

    Alice: You know, there are many people going through this same dilemma and it’s not surprising. Prior to WFH, a lot of us had different motivators built into our workflow, be it a carrot (positive recognition or feedback) or a stick (performance management and feedback). Technically speaking, consequences could be served up at any moment by your boss if they walk up to your desk and check in. Psychologically this can make you feel more accountable and help you stay in work mode. On the flip side, in your own space, you’re unsupervised and suddenly surrounded by an infinite number of home comforts and distractions. This paired with the mental load of dealing with change, digesting the daily news and family commitments means our focus on work can be seriously challenged. Given that you want to get out of this vacay conundrum, here's my advice on how to motivate yourself. Firstly, forgive yourself and let go of any guilt relating to your recent state. Given the circumstances, you're having a totally normal response. Secondly, because your invisibility is demotivating, take control and make yourself more visible. Discuss with your manager how you can have more regular check-in meetings or commit to email updates. Accountability has been a previous motivator for you, and you can still enact this strategy while working from home. There are so many other proven productivity work from home routines like scheduled breaks, scheduled exercise, clear finish times for your work day but it sounds like making yourself visible again as a first step will create the biggest shift for you.    

2. “I’m usually very motivated to work in the morning, but I feel the opposite in the afternoon. Is there any motivational technique that helps overcome the post-lunch dip in energy?


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