Celebrity Mental Health

Something brilliant which has come out of social media, for all its faults, is that it gives people a platform on which to share their personal opinions. Anyone can speak their mind, from the common man to the biggest celebrities. And celebrities do. Long gone are the days where celebrities were locked behind publicists, PR teams and when the only information shared about them was via curated interviews or paparazzi shots. Whilst this may still be true of the biggest, most elite brand of celeb, the scene now is much more open. We can feel ‘closer’ to celebrities, identify with them and even send direct messages to them that they will likely read, when in the past we’d be stuck with a fan mail PO box.

This sounds great, but losing that ‘barrier’ between celebrity and the public leaves those in the public open to a lot of direct criticism and the ‘hate’ that often comes with social media. To this end, many celebrities have used their large platforms to be open and honest about their struggles with mental health and we want to draw more attention to those who have used their platforms for good. This week we are focusing on Daisy Lowe and Alexandra Cane...

Daisy Lowe’s Struggle With Burnout

Daisy Lowe is a popular model who has been in the public eye for a long time. She appeared on the popular reality TV show Strictly Come Dancing in 2016 but has recently came to the fore to explain that she actually went into rehab following burnout from the show. Her grandfather died just before the series started but following advice, she simply carried on with the show. Following her time on the show ending in October 2016, Daisy went on the Strictly live tour around the country and with job offers flooding in after the show, she sometimes took on as many as eight work commitments per day.

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