Could Travel Be the Secret to Unlocking Increased Productivity?

Could Travel Be the Secret to Unlocking Increased Productivity?

In the past, working from home was seen as a goal and a dream, but one that very few people were able to achieve. However as industries progressed and flexible working has been encouraged, more and more people have taken up home working. Flexible, freelance working suits a wide variety of career paths, from bloggers covering numerous topics such as fitness, food, travel or self-improvement blogs, to other content creators like artists, developers and video producers. 

As a freelance worker, working from home has been both a curse and a joy; the ease of avoiding long, busy commutes and saving both money and time weighed up against downsides like less social interaction and loss of motivation. Over time, while it was great to have the freedom of working from home, things started to interfere with the working day such as the need to carry out chores so the working area is clean or spending more time making healthier meals which would inevitably take more time to prepare. So does working from home mean increase or decrease in productivity?

New Places, Refreshed Motivation

When I start to lose motivation it’s time to get up and get out of the house! Travelling to different environments has greatly helped boost my productivity levels and is something I definitely recommend! Whether it is something as simple as working from a nearby coffee shop or taking a weekend break to another city where I can enjoy working against a striking and interesting background, a change of scenery can do wonders for my creativity and motivation.

After one period of feeling particularly uninspired and unenthused, I took a break to Spain (where I’m lucky enough to have residential relatives) and the new environment helped me to complete a project that had been lagging through lack of motivation. The surroundings offered the perfect environment to relax in and presented inspiration for ideas going forward. I was also thrilled to find that I still felt refreshed from being in a different place without experiencing the burnout sometimes affiliated with at-home working!

Working holidays are certainly something I would definitely recommend to other freelancers who are feeling stale from working at home. As Wi-Fi becomes the standard in many holiday locations, eateries and coffee shops, staying connected to your work is easier than ever before.

Human Interaction

Working away from the house also encouraged me to get that all-important social interaction which was sorely missed when working from home. While working away from people often meant fewer distractions, the ingrained need for socialisation was difficult to shake off and even the small interaction with my barista while ordering a pre-work coffee was enough to help me feel better and encourage greater engagement in my work. It’s a great way to avoid burn-out and it may just be what you are looking for to boost productivity levels in the future.

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