Breathing Techniques For Stress

We’re often told to ‘breathe’ when something is going on in our lives, whether that’s work stress, relationship stress or just general stress for which we need grounding. You may think that you need to simply breathe deeply – and while that works – did you know that there are different techniques you can use, depending on the kind of stress you are facing? I certainly didn’t!


We caught up with the amazing Samantha Skelly, the Founder of Hungry for Happiness and  pause breathwork. We’ve been lucky enough for her to share some quick tips on the best breathing techniques to use no matter what the situation is.


Click on the video below and follow along with the written tips here.



Work Stress

I don’t know about you, but work stress can be a serious issue for a lot of people, especially when things are high-stakes! If you’re feeling stressed due to work, Samantha suggests the following breathing technique:

“For people that suffer with a lot of stress and anxiety [at work], the system is not used to holding that much energy. So, we definitely want to do breath patterns that are a lot more gentle and slow. So, two breaths in…one breath out. That’s called the tri-active breath.”


General Anxiety

“For someone with general anxiety, we want to go really slow. We want a grounding pattern which is in through the nose deeply, and a release. Do that a few times and then we want a bottom hold. So when you release, hold your breath at the bottom. When we hold our breath at the bottom it helps with grounding, whereas when we hold our breath at the top it helps with energising and activating.”


Relationship Stress

“This can go in many ways, but one of the best ways is to get out of your triggered part and get back into your alignments. What I like to do is the Bliss breath. Doing this a good few times, then a big breath in and then out.”

Burnout Stress

“Doing the Halo-active which is a breath in a forceful exhale. The thing about burnout as well is we need to be intentional about pausing, and being present. We are overworking and underliving and getting to that point where our body is like “ahhh I need a break!”.


Thank you Samantha!


How do you find the different breathing techniques for stress? Connect with Samantha via Instagram or her website.

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