Do Men Care About Cellulite on Women’s Bodies?

Contrary to popular belief (or what it looks like on Instagram!), every woman’s body is completely different. Unless surgically enhanced, or the girl has been MAJORLY blessed by the genetic gods, it’s likely that she has lumps, bumps, texture and rolls in all the normal places. Something a LOT of girls get, whether their thin or thicc, black or white is CELLULITE. Cellulite is a type of fat deposit under the skin, which can lead to an uneven surface and dimpling, commonly referred to as ‘orange peel skin’. It’s 100% common and something fashion magazines and online retailers are working to normalise and show more often, letting young girls (and men!) know that they are not alone. Read below to see whether do men care about cellulite...  
  1. “Depends. If it’s because you’re unhealthy then ‘no thank you’, but if you’re healthy and it’s just natural. Who cares?” - 25, Croatia
  1. “No opinion. You’d have to show me some examples.” - 38, United Kingdom
  1. “Ah! Never thought how I feel about it, but probably bothers me less than the woman having it? I don’t know.” - 36, Finland
  1. “It’s as natural as a balding head or a chubby belly!” - 44, Greece
  1. “Would eat it.” - 28, United States

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