Do You Have Decidophobia?

What to have for lunch, what to wear, where to go to university, which career you want...these are all decisions we make about our own lives. In fact, life is a series of decisions, ranging from the miniscule, like whether to put milk in your coffee, to huge - like whether to buy a house. For most of us, making a decision is second nature and something we don’t even think about. Granted, some decisions are harder than others, especially if choosing an option is going to change yours or someone else’s life in a marked way. There are a few decisions we may find very difficult, ones we agonise over for weeks. For me, this was choosing whether or not to move countries - I didn’t in the end, which was the best choice, but it was a hard one to make! On the other hand, you may be one of those people who regularly finds it hard to make a decision. We all know those people, right? You ask them where they’d like to eat for lunch and they answer with “I don’t mind”, or “It’s up to you”. It can be frustrating for the person asking the question, but also difficult for the person answering, as they worry about making the wrong decision. However, for a select few people, making a decision is really, REALLY difficult - to the point where making even the smallest of choices blights their lives. It’s called Decidophobia...or the fear of making a decision.  

What Is Decidophobia?

Decidophobia is defined as the “irrational fear of making decisions.” In its most extreme form, those who have this fear may experience full blown panic attacks when even thinking about having to make a decision. Looking at the examples above, there is a huge difference between taking time to weigh up your decisions and being so ridden with anxiety that you avoid the process altogether!   You may have Decidophobia if:
  • The thought of making decisions makes you panic

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