Christmas is a time of excess at the best of times, so throw a pandemic into the mix and you could be in for a bit of trouble!

There’s nothing wrong with drinking at Christmas (or anytime!), as it’s a social activity and one that can be a social lubricant for a fun time. However, there is often LOTS of alcohol around at Christmas, and it’s important to take a look at the risks, too – as well as the fun it can bring.


Today we’re talking about HANGXIETY. You know, that feeling of dread when you’ve been drinking? It’s a play on words of ‘hangover-induced anxiety’. You may know it well, or you may have not experienced it before or aren’t sure that you have. We’re here to explain to you the signs to look out for when it comes to hangxiety and advice on what to do if you suffer from it.

I never used to experience hangxiety, my hangovers playing out normally, with a headache or feeling sick, until they inevitably passed with lots of liquids and some carbs. As I’ve got older, I have come to know hangxiety well. It’s a horrible feeling, and even with all the old hangover shifting tricks, it’s REALLY hard to get rid of.

Don’t forget, alcohol is actually a depressant, so even though it can make you feel good while you’re drinking it, you will end up feeling worse in the long run. That’s why you should do everything in moderation!


Signs of Hangxiety

Sign #1 Drinking More Than You Need

Because if you’re being sick and have a headache, it’s easy not to focus on your anxiety, right? While this may sound preferable in theory, it’s a really dangerous game to play. You could be doing your body serious damage by drinking more than you need. Stick to your limits and read about what to do about hangxiety below.


Sign #2 Feeling Dread For No Reason

Deadlines? No. Forgetting something? No. This is the worst kind of anxiety – one where you feel complete and utter dread for no reason but yet, it’s there. This is the most common sign of hangxiety and the one that gives it its name.


Sign #3 A Racing Heart and Sweaty Palms

Physical symptoms as well as a quickened heartbeat and sweaty palms include a knot in the stomach that you just can’t shake. In my experience, hangxiety often presents itself as the very beginnings of a panic attack…that lasts all day.


Sign #4 Being Restless

You might find that you can’t relax or get comfortable. That’s hangxiety at work. Like when you’re about to suffer a panic attack, your body is in ‘fight or flight’ mode and trying to simply settle down and relax likely won’t work.


Sign #5 Wanting Alcohol More Often

Rather than face the anxiety that you can’t quite put your finger on, do you reach for a drink to remove the feeling or avoid it? Understandable, but like drinking too much, it’s a poor decision. You can’t hide from it forever and it will likely be worse if you try to avoid it with more alcohol.


Getting Rid Of Hangxiety

Very annoyingly, there is no official ‘cure’ for hangxiety. Unlike a traditional hangover that you can cure with sugar and rest, hangxiety can stay in your system long after alcohol leaves your bloodstream. However, there are a few things I have found that at least help, if not remove the hangxiety altogether.


1. Drink less.

No getting away from this one. If you drink less, you’re less likely to have hangxiety. Start cutting down gradually on how much you’re drinking and you won’t even notice a difference.

2.Go outside.

There’s nothing worse than sitting in your own head when you feel like this. Take a walk and be in nature. It’s a fantastic distraction.

3. Rehydrate.

Drink so much water you drown that anxiety!

4. Breathe.

There’s nothing like breathing properly when you’re struggling. In through the nose for 5, out for 8. Repeat.

5. Sleep.

This is the best ‘cure’ that I’ve found. Even after a couple of hours nap, I’ve found that my hangxiety can be massively reduced. Get some shuteye.


Have you ever experienced hangxiety? What are your cures?

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