Did you know that you can change your mood with what you decide to put on your plate? It sounds impossible, but actually, food can be magic for your moods. There’s a whole list of ingredients to support you in being your best you. Almost like going to the doctor and receiving a prescription for medicine, food can be used in different ways to create a stable environment. This week, we’re speaking to Jillz Guerin, a gal passionate about healthy food, women’s wellness, and happy living. She shares with us her top foods to eat when you’re feeling stressed – watch out for a lot of omega-3s and vibrant, energy boosting snacks!  

When I’m feeling ANXIOUS, I eat ROOT VEGATABLES…

“I’ve always struggled with anxious thoughts here and there and managing my anxiety is something I’ve had to actively work on. Eating the right foods has helped me in this challenge and I find that eating grounding, nourishing foods helps my body best. If you’re feeling anxious, aim for whole food complex carbs - think root vegetables like sweet potatoes, beets, and carrots, or healthy whole grains like oats or quinoa. These foods will help to lower your stress hormone and help you feel more relaxed.” “When I’m anxious, I also love to incorporate some calming tea before bed to help me wind down. My personal favourite is peppermint tea, as this also helps you to digest your dinner! If you’re feeling anxious, try giving these sweet potato toasts a try!”  

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