Why is Workplace Mental Health So Important?

It wasn’t that long ago that attitudes around ‘professionalism’ in the workplace were that you kept things to yourself and dealt with your personal life at home. While we’re not 100% there with all workplaces being consistent in supporting their employees and their mental health, a good few places have hugely ramped up their involvement. If you’re struggling with your mental health and don’t know how to approach it with your boss and aren’t sure how they’ll take it, we can help. We spoke to Lauren, a Holistic Mental & Emotional Health to give us some tips on how to approach the situation.    

1.“My mental health struggles from time to time. I feel pretty anxious when there are multiple deadlines coming up. I wanted to tell my boss about this but I don’t want her to think I’m weak…”

    Lauren: First and foremost, make sure you give yourself grace and understanding before seeking it from anyone else. It is important to learn to validate yourself with love, understanding and acceptance before moving forward to anything outside yourself. Once you have done this, then focus on what particular thoughts & beliefs are triggering your Anxiety about the deadlines. The more specific you can get the better! Anxiety thrives off vagueness, so get down to as much detail as possible! This is also going to be important if or when you decide to communicate with your boss, because if you can be more specific about what you are actually looking for in support or change that will open the doors for better communication and creating solutions. Any boss is still a human being and will only understand what they personally understand in themselves or their personal lives. Keeping this in mind going into the conversation will help you navigate their response in a less personal and negative way.    

2. “When my period is approaching, I feel extra depressed and I tend to hide in the bathroom to cry if needed. I believe this is not a good way of handling it? Is there any way I can ask my boss for what I need? Such as a quick a walk or a day working from home?”


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