When we’re young - I’m talking YOUNG – we’re expected to choose our careers. This may lead to going to university and heading into our chosen path. Great for some, but what if you get so far down the line and you’re not sure if you’ve gone the right way? Additionally, you may feel like you’re in the right field, but feel a bit stagnant and unsure of which direction you’re next supposed to take. We invited Jasmine Wicks-Stephens, founder of Faace, to share her experience on what's the best way to bounce back when she's getting stuck in her career path.  

Q: Have you ever felt lost, confused and stuck in your career path?

I’ve always loved working in the beauty industry and known that’s where I want to be, but I’ve most definitely been in jobs that haven’t felt like the right fit. There was a really defining moment when my dad was dying and I loved my job at an amazing beauty PR agency. I felt really torn as I was spending a lot of time travelling to see him and to work as neither places were near where I lived. The business was being restructured and I had an opportunity to take a new role or leave and whilst I could never have imagined leaving should my dad not have been ill, this actually forced my hand and I left. Sometimes, you can feel like a failure if things don’t work out but I’ve always found that uncomfortable changes, can lead onto better things. Then, I started my PR agency Known as a result.  

Q: Has there been a time where you felt like you don’t know what or where you to be, professionally?  

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