When everyone has 'mask anxiety' & not wearing a mask, what can you do?

On 13th July 2020, the Prime Minister announced that masks are to be mandatory in shops from 24th July. Personally, I was surprised and perhaps a little jaded that it has taken this long to mandate this - but what do I know, eh? Only a few lives at stake. I know my friends and colleagues who live in Hong Kong - where masks are commonplace - were absolutely gobsmacked when I told them that we weren’t obliged to wear masks, even at the height of the pandemic just a few short weeks ago. A face mask, or covering can help to slow the spread of COVID-19. A report published in The Lancet on 3 June, which analysed data from 172 studies in 16 countries, found that “by wearing a face mask there is just a 3% chance of catching COVID-19”. A study by Cambridge University, published on 10 June, says “even basic homemade masks can reduce transmission - and could even help prevent a second wave”. Sounds sensible, right? Like, you’re protecting yourself and others in what should be a simple and straightforward act. But what about when other people don’t play by the rules?

The Trouble With Anti-Maskers

Go to Twitter right now, or read any publication and you will see that it is awash with people using the hashtag #NoMasks, claiming that masks are ‘muzzles’ and that face coverings infringe on their rights and are physically dangerous. Granted, this is mostly happening in the US (and they’ve got a LOT going on right now, having to listen to that orange idiot every day - strength to you if you’re reading from there). However, some people in the UK think in a similar vein and are taking a stand against facemasks, or as I refer to it: “shitting on their fellow man”.

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