Interviewing Faith in Nature CEO, Joy Parkinson

The world, albeit slowly, is becoming more fair, with women all around the world sitting on the boards and C-Suites of huge companies. Whilst this is great, there is still further work to be done to diversify and grow these places, with a woman’s voice. We spoke to Joy Parkinson, Faith in Nature CEO about what it’s like to lead the way in a male-dominated industry.

Faith in Nature is a vegan beauty brand leading the sustainable beauty movement since 1974. It’s been using 100% recycled and recyclable bottles since 1999 - that’s 340 tonnes of plastic they’ve saved from landfill!  

Q: How did you find your value in a male-dominated industry?

I’ve never found the male-dominated point a problem, because all the business I’ve been a senior manager in – Coke, UB, Faith in Nature have always judged success and performance on results achieved, regardless of whether someone is male or female.  

Q: How can you get your voice heard when you’re the only woman in meetings?

I think this actually puts you at an advantage, as if you are a single woman in a meeting room full of men, my experience is that actually makes you stand out more. Don’t be afraid to wear bright pink amongst a room of navy suits – you can actually sensibly use the fact you are a woman and probably in the minority to your advantage.

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