Feeling overwhelmed in crowded spaces?

Lockdown is slowly easing, and with that, a return to normal life is on the way. Especially in London, people are beginning to go back to work, to hop on the bus to go shopping and are getting in Ubers to get around.

Whilst this is definitely a positive thing, especially as we’ve been for so long in an odd, unnatural situation which is so far away from our normality, in fact after so long, people are actually anxious and overwhelmed about having to take that step back into crowded spaces, being around strangers and living in a post-COVID world. After so long holed up in our homes and socialising, working and exercising through our computer screens, it’s not surprising that any of us would feel a little concerned about putting ourselves out there, surrounded by strangers! Here’s what to do if you’re worried about going back into crowded spaces.  

Worried About...Being Overwhelmed In Social Situations

The beauty of Zoom socialising is that you don’t need to leave your home, not try to navigate back to your front door after a few drinks. Additionally, you are completely in control of your night. You can say goodbye and log off. We’ve been out of practise of heading to dinner or a bar with friends, and feelings of being overwhelmed when we start this up again are likely. The crowds, the multiple conversations, friends pressuring you to stay for ‘one more’. We wrote some advice on how to tell people you’re not quite ready to meet up, but my advice to you would be to ease yourself in. Instead of hitting the pubs the moment they open, why not try a quiet dinner with select friends one night and then build up to a bigger night out? Have the conversation - it might be that your friends are feeling equally as anxious and are just going along with plans because they think everyone else wants to go!

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