Have You Tried Guided Reiki Meditation?

You don’t need us to tell you: life is super busy. Even during a pandemic, the expectations and commitments we have each day are non-stop. Sometimes, we can go weeks of being busy and not allowing ourselves to rest, until it’s too late and we begin to burnout. We have often heard that people believe they are too time-poor to commit to a meditation session, perhaps thinking it will take hours of time. However, in only 15 minutes, you can relax and connect back with your body. Sounds great right? Carlotta is a qualified Reiki practitioner and is passionate about us reconnecting with our bodies in a meaningful way following the stresses of modern life. Here, she has shared a short Reiki meditation for you to try. Carlotta says: “The meditation I shared is focused on body scan, which is a fantastic way to tune into our bodies and notice any sensation and tension. We never take time to thank our bodies as we're always running, working or simply being busy, and meditation is a tool which allows ourselves to stop and connect with our body, mind and spirit.” “Through visualisation and breathing exercises, we can become more aware of our bodies and connect, breathing in healing energy / strength / vitality, and breathing out whatever we don't need and releasing tensions.

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