How to stay productive working from home & beating the Procrastination with Phoebe Song

 “I’m currently in a lockdown in a different country which has restricted travel and implemented state quarantines. Whilst I miss my incredible team and the positive energy of being in the office with them, I know there's not much I can do from another country. Luckily, I'm a restless person by nature, so procrastination is not a big issue for me. I think we generally procrastinate when there’s a lack of motivation; which is why we would easily attack a slice of chocolate cake in five minutes but take three hours to start washing dishes.”

“…I can push my productivity to the max because the process is pretty fun and it isn’t something that I can be easily distracted from.”

“Having said this, distraction is my biggest weakness at the moment! I have a toddler who is very excited to be at home all the time and she definitely distracts me from tasks! The silver lining is, I’m now focusing my efforts on less mundane tasks and more onto new product development such as innovation and concept creation which is the key responsibility at my company. So, I’m using this unusual time to create new products and test them and, in some sense, I can push my productivity to the max because the process is pretty fun and it isn’t something that I can be easily distracted from. I also make sure I spend time with my daughter when I’m creating because I’ve noticed that it helps encourage her curiosity about the way things work.”  

8:30 A.M. – Start My Morning

“I used to wake up at 6:30 a.m. but nowadays it’s 8:30 a.m. as my daughter doesn’t need to get up for school anymore. The first thing I do is check my phone for messages and emails, so I don’t miss anything from different time zones.” “Honestly, I’ve learned the best cure for waking up stressed is to take a break. As an entrepreneur, I know that the cost of burn out is far more expensive than a day off. I’ve become very good at recognising signs in my mental state that need to be heeded, so if I wake up angry, stressed or frustrated, I will simplify my to-do list and turn it to a self-care list, such as some simple yoga after breakfast, spending time with my daughter and enjoying a long hot bath.”  

8:35 A.M. – Nourish My Acne-Prone & Hyper-Sensitive Skin

“In my skincare routine, I currently use a pre-release cleansing balm from our laboratory at Snow Fox Skincare, then double cleanse with our Cooling Foam Cleanser, followed by our Herbal Youth Mask which is rich, botanical hydrating mask that firms and tones. I sheet mask every day, which may sound excessive but it's what keeps me looking like I have healthy, unblemished skin. After I finish up with our Herbal Youth Tonic for extra hydration and then our True Luminosity Serum to help brighten up my skin tone and minimise pores.” “Due to my last flare up, I was left with terribly blotchy skin and very enlarged pores on my cheeks and T zone. I suffer from Rosacea and have a hypersensitive skin so this is an inspiration to start a clean, high-performance skincare line to help others with similar issue. I put an entire year of product development with my chemist team into finding a solution targeted specifically for those issues, which makes a worthwhile investment. Now, I am finally enjoying the fruits of our labour, so this True Luminosity serum is a staple daily item of mine. The final step is to finish up with the Omega Repair Cream, a high fatty acid content cream that helps strengthen my natural skin barrier as sensitive skin types like me can struggle with weak barriers.”

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