Wellness Coach Tips on How to Avoid a Burnout & Stay Motivated All The Time

We can often overload ourselves with tasks in this ‘always-on’, modern culture – especially in our professional lives. It’s easy to start to feel burnt out when you’re constantly on-the-go, but not as easy to take a long break, especially when the tasks just keep mounting up. So how do you stay motivated when you’re feeling that burn out? We caught up with Cristina Lopez McLauchlan, founder of The Vibe Tribe, an ethical PR firm, to explain how to avoid a burnout and get back to being yourself and doing your best work.  

1. “I feel like I’m going to burn out really soon but I still need to complete few major tasks before any break.” 

  Cristina: Its great that you are aware that you are reaching your edge. That in itself is such a great thing, so try to do things that spark joy in your life. Here are a few of my vibes: carve time to read a chapter from that book, go for a walk without your phone so you can look around - let your mind wander, buy yourself some flowers to put on your work desk to brighten up the space, diffuse essential oils to elevate your mood, meditate (it’s my medicine), eat well, keep hydrated and REST!  

2.“I have extreme low energy and don’t feel like going to work.” 

Cristina: Look back at the past 48 hours...what did you eat / drink? How much did you sleep? Are there some triggers at work that are making you feel anxious? I always suggest to clients that when energy is low, to move. Movement opens the energy channels in the body and increases endorphins.

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