5 Tips on How to Adjust Sleep Cycle

No one can deny the fact that the 9 minutes in between the snooze interval on your digital alarm are the most valuable minutes. But does it mean you have well-spent or sleep better on those minutes? Studies show that it typically ruins your day by slowing down your productivity. Let’s think about it – How good is a sleep that lasts for only 9 minutes? Ask yourself what you would choose; 9 minutes of sleep that leads you to a bad day or 4 straight productive hours that make you feel satisfied? Firstly, I am telling you that breaking a sleep cycle isn’t easy especially if you have insomnia, but you have to believe in yourself before you can conquer that very tempting snooze button. Here’s my list of tips on how to adjust sleep cycle that help you easily walk out of a warm and cosy bed:-

1. Turn the brightness up. Wake up your mind.

We have been told that one of the things you have to do if you intend to sleep better at night is to stay away from any electronic devices. This is the reason why we should reply on our smartphones to conquer the alarm clock. As we all know, the light on a smartphone is blue light, that has numbers of a dark side causing to a bad insomnia. But studies show that this makes you aware that the day has begun. When the first alarm starts annoying you, you should immediately turn the brightness to a higher level, and let the blue light wake up your mind.

2. Plan your morning ahead. Make it exciting.

You have to figure out your morning agenda. It can be morning yoga that focuses on breathing, weekly planning that leads you to a productive week or 10 minute of meditation routine that highly successful people follow. If you are a big fan of the day planner or the to-do list, let’s write it down with a colourful pen! Or, making a bulleted list on a piece of blank paper works as well, whereas you have a very clear vision of what your next morning should look like.

3. Invest new things – Another good spending excuse

Time to spend some money on new things! I promise this will be the best investment. Why will this be a great investment choice? Imagine you have just spent money on joining a local gym; your will be very excited about the first day of working out at the gym and you cannot wait to hit the gym. The same method can work while trying to become a morning person. It doesn’t have to be a big investment such as joining a gym, especially if you have decided to cut back expenses. If you are a workout person, you can invest in new fitness gear or a stylish, reusable water bottle

4. Let social media be your accountability buddy

In my opinion, sharing your goals or plans with your friends and family may not be a very good idea, regardless of whether they are being supportive. You may have thought that their support would become your motivation. But unfortunately, studies shows your brain doesn’t work that way; instead, it will receive a signal of accomplishment when you announce your plan.  

So, I start to reply on social media as my secret accountability buddy. When I was trying to trick myself to become a morning person, the first thing I did was to crawl out of my bed, take a photo of the view from my balcony and post it as a story on Instagram. It works very effectively, particularly by using a timestamp decorating the photo. A timestamp cannot fake the time when you actually wake up!

5. Text your besties and let them be proud of you

Don’t share your plans with anyone the day before and wait until you finally early in the morning. And yes, this is when you should share the moment with your besties. What if you might be fall back asleep again after the text? You should record a voice message to your friend. Surely, it will increase your heart rate and the excitement will stop you from crawling back into the bed.

Leave us a comment below about the time you woke up this morning – do you have any tips on how to adjust sleep cycle?

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