How to Cope With Coronavirus Anxiety

A mere few weeks ago, none of us were worrying about, or had even HEARD of Coronavirus. Simpler times, blissful times. Now, each conversation is led by it, people are being quarantined, getting ill and worse, dying. The virus has also had devastating effects on businesses, healthcare providers, and our day-to-day lives. The shelves in our supermarkets are barren, and there’s not a pack of toilet roll or bottle of hand sanitiser to be found for miles. People, especially those who are freelance or work in the entertainment industry are having jobs cancelled left, right and centre, and no one can access their GP due to the closure of surgeries. With the constant barrage of breaking news alerts, letting us know that XYZ has now been cancelled, and that another notable person has been diagnosed with the virus, not to mention the conflicting information shared on social media, it’s no surprise that a lot of us are feeling completely overwhelmed and anxious.  

The Cruel Reality of Coronavirus

Personally, I am very concerned about my wedding in May. It’s the biggest event of my life and I’m to marry the love of my life - what if everything gets cancelled? It’s supposed to be an exciting time, but instead I’m walking around with a ball of dread in my stomach, unable to eat properly with the worry. Additionally, I feel worse due to the guilt of feeling worried about something so minor, compared to people who are losing loved ones due to the virus. Who cares about a wedding when people are genuinely dying?

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