How To Cope With Recession?

We’re all trying to keep on top of what’s going on at the moment, whilst trying to stay positive in ourselves. It can be difficult to think about your career in general and ‘normal’ terms when everything is so NOT normal right now. Perhaps this time at home, away from the grind of everyday life has given you the time you need to consider the next step in your career. If you’re looking to find some more motivation and some advice on making some positive career choices and changes, look no further as Alice Stapleton, Career Coach is here to assist us on how to cope with recession…    

1. “I understand I won’t get a promotion and raise right now due to the Coronavirus crash. I guess this is the reason why I don’t feel motivated these days. What should I do?”

  Alice: Career progression and pay are two common work motivators. However, during these times, it can be helpful to recognise that you’re likely to be motivated by many other factors too. Perhaps take the time to list 5-10 other aspects of your role or organisation that inspire you. Focus on these for the time-being. This could range from the positive relationships you have with your colleagues, or the impact that your work has on those around you.    

2. “Currently, I am stuck in a very unsatisfying job. My company is going through a restructuring period, everyone is trying to grab their land, and the management team does not appreciate the nature of the job that I do. How can I prepare for a better future?”


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