Are you trying to cure depression? Oh, wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we could wave a magic wand and take away the symptoms that worry us? If only it was that simple.


Depression, just like anything else you’d seek treatment for, is a medical issue that requires treatment. Unfortunately, it won’t fully go away after some hot soup and a few days in bed (although this can help!). Of course, when suffering with depression, some days are better or worse than others, but often, you may find that you’re coping with the illness on a daily basis.


No 1.Lifestyle Changes

The best way to cure depression symptoms head on is to review your lifestyle and make some simple changes if possible. Regular sleep and excellent nutrition can help to combat symptoms in ways that may surprise you. If you’re out partying all the time, eating badly, drinking alcohol and find that this exacerbates your symptoms the following day, it might be worth considering if you should be cutting down. Similarly, if your job is really getting you down and affecting your mental health, is it really worth it? I’ve written about workplace burnout here. Don’t forget about exercise! A simple 30-60 workout or morning stretches can increase serotonin, endorphins, and other feel-good brain chemicals to give you a boost.


No 2. The Medication Route

It’s not everyone’s first choice, but there is nothing to be ashamed of if you need the support of medication to help you through particularly difficult episodes of depression. There are plenty of options and these can often be used as a temporary support – you can plan with your doctor to begin coming off them if that’s what you’d prefer.


No 3. Talk About It

Don’t suffer in silence. Your social support network is your biggest asset here – so use it! If it makes you uncomfortable to be very open about your depression, that’s fine – you don’t need to tell everyone. Instead, choose one or two people who you can truly trust and rely on when things get difficult for you. This has the additional benefit of having someone else to spot your warning signs, before even you yourself have noticed you’re beginning to wobble!

*Click here to check whether you have those signs as well

So the answer is – yes, you can ‘cure’ your depression, to a degree. However, it will take a true focus on yourself to manage your symptoms. Think of it as putting depression in remission, with the knowledge that if you allow things to start slipping, your symptoms might start to come back.


Keep a diary of how you feel and note down what triggers your symptoms – you may find that they are easier to spot and therefore you can nip a depressive episode in the bud! Remember, even the darkest depression can be treated, so don’t give up.


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