The pandemic has put many form of relationship to the test, one of which being romantic. In the UK, research has found that “more than one in eight Britons living with a partner in lockdown is experiencing relationship doubts”. Now that lockdown and social distancing are starting to ease in some cities, is your relationship ready for possibly another wave of crisis as life transitions back to normal?

  Are you experiencing:
  • Unprecedented strain and distress over your relationship?
  • Regular fights with your partner?
  • Anxiety about your relationship status?
  • Potential breakup or divorce?
Here at Kossie, we care about your personal welfare, and we’ve got words of wisdom from professionals for you. We invited Dr. Betsy Chung, licensed clinical psychologist, and Cassandra Solano, licensed social worker, to share actions you can take so your relationship can navigate and come out of the pandemic stronger than ever.  

How to tell there’s a CRISIS? Is your relationship in one?

Here are the warning signs that you could be experiencing a relationship wreckage:

Warning Sign 1: Escalation in Conflict

Dr. Betsy: “When a relationship is burdened by crisis, it’s easy for both partners to go into ‘survival’ mode,” Dr. Betsy said. What it means is when each partner’s way of dealing with stress clashes with the other’s, that’s when conflicts arise. For example, “both partners have very different approaches where one person might choose to fight a threat, and the other chooses to flight from the threat,” she said. With that said, it may take less to start arguing, you argue more frequently, or the arguments are more intense than before – all of these are escalation in conflict.

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