What is the secret fear that looms over your head and prevents you from making the leap to your next big achievement? Each zodiac sign has its common phobias and insecurities. But rather than seeing it as an intrinsic part of you, see it as an opportunity to challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone! Which is why, for this month, we’re giving you a challenge per your star sign that will make you stand face-to-face with your biggest fear, conquer it, and turn you into a badass boss lady in the face of fear.  

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

YOUR FEAR: You love a good competition, especially one where you can shine at your best self. But the idea of losing a fight is nothing when compared to the fear of being forgotten, or your impacts going unnoticed. Because, your security is partly dependent on the attention given by others. And having accomplished a big goal and it not being recognised is distressing. HOW TO FACE YOUR FEAR: I challenge you instead of craving approval, seek validation first...from yourself! Be aware of how far you’ve come, validate yourself for the accomplishments that you’ve worked hard to earn. Hear yourself first before others can hear you.  

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