Relationships are different for everyone, and each couple will have a unique experience, depending on the goal each individual wants and needs. If your goal is to make the relationship last for life, your partner needs to feel the same way, and you both must be willing to work to make it happen. If there’s anything I’ve learnt, it’s that a relationship requires constant maintenance. There is no room for becoming too comfortable, as the other person may feel that you are being complacent and taking them for granted. We asked 50 men on their opinions on what makes a relationship last:-


  1. “Good sex so you don’t need to cheat and being content without doing anything special.” – 27, Hong Kong


  1. “There are so many things, such as laughter and being good travel partners. If you don’t like to laugh, you’re probably a bad person and an unexciting girlfriend.” *Shaking head* – 27, United Kingdom


  1. “That’s a complicated question; but if you put a gun to my head and said give me a short answer, I would say putting a gun to someone’s head is a good way to keep a long-lasting relationship. LOL” – 37, Hong Kong


  1. “Well…gotta live together for a bit to see what the other nuances are.” – 35, Hong Kong


  1. “Tough question. But I think you must be able to laugh together. So, I’d say sharing a similar sense of humour.” – 44, United States


  1. “My must-do is that the person has to be a compatible traveller, because I intend on travelling to at least three places a year with the person who I date seriously. So, they inevitably need to be in sync with me.” – 30, India


  1. “I think it’s got to be a really healthy and generous mix of chemistry, interest and trust.” – 26, Canada


  1. “Interesting brain and great sex for sure!” – 37, Slovenia


  1. “It’s a slight boring answer but I’d have to say communication. And honesty, both with yourself and your partner. I also think great sex helps as well. If you aren’t coming, then you got to go! LOL” – 30, United States


  1. “I’d say loyalty. Each person needs to feel prioritised by the other. It builds confidence and leads to a good relationship foundation.” – 33, Madrid


  1. “Probably a good baseline to start the relationship with?” – 27, Philippines


  1. “Trust plus amazing sex with mind-blowing orgasms.” – 40, Canada

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  1. “Well… must building a home.” – 36, Hong Kong


  1. “I’d say that communication is the most important factor to a long-term relationship.” – 43, United States


  1. “Being able to share fries and food. Haha” – 29, Stockholm


  1. “Sex has to good, and communication which helps to have great sex.” – 30, Korea


  1. “I feel like a long-lasting relationship is like a long conversation you have to listen to, to stay engaged and contribute.” – 36, United Kingdom


  1. “Someone I don’t have to explain my jokes to?” – 35, United Kingdom


  1. “Love to exercise in bed and physically.” 26, New Zealand


  1. “Be patient; to be able to survive longevity in a relationship we should understand that things will go rough things will go bad but we have to understand that’s how relationship works that all those fights will just improve and make the relationship even more stronger – you just have to be patient and not rush things, you know. ” 25, Thailand



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  1. “I guess be able to talk with without getting bored. Super strong friendship as well as relationship.” – 23, United States


  1. “Great sex and having something to talk about outside of bed.” – 28, Russia


  1. “Keeping each other attracted and being honest.” – 23, United Kingdom


  1. “Explore the world together and do sports together and other romantic things.” – 30, Thailand


  1. “I’m afraid you asked the wrong person LOL – not a great fan of long-lasting relationships.” – 27, Italy


  1. “Honest: just gym, dine and sex with me!” – 26, Hong Kong


  1. “Explore the world together, and do sports together and other romantic things.” – 30, Indonesia


  1. “Finding someone where you can actually stand the sight of each other. LOL” – 39, Hong Kong


  1. “Good question. Never think about it!” – 26, Hong Kong


  1. “Play well together. No fun = no relationship.” – 39, France


  1. “I guess, learning to meet each other half way.” – 23, Ireland


  1. “Definitely open communication and chemistry.” – 24, United Kingdom


  1. “Honesty is a big thing in a healthy relationship and as well as communication.” – 25, Australia


  1. “Eating fatty foods together.” – 31, Singapore


  1. “Continuing to keep the chemistry going.” 26, Japan


  1. “Good banter and good sex.” – 23, Hong Kong


  1. “Without a doubt is communication and good sex. Because communication takes into account being considerate etc. If we interrupt the word communication using a wider view it could also involve sex.” – 31, Australia


  1. “Communication is the key. I am establishing that with my current partner.” – 41, United States


  1. “I’ve come to realise communication and keeping the romance alive is a ‘must-do’.” – 40, United States


  1. “All kinds of intimacy for sure.” – 44, Hong Kong


  1. “Stay attractive I’d say.” – 30, United States


  1. “That’s simple. Honesty and loyalty.” – 36, United Kingdom


  1. “I’d say going on trips, starting small, then moving in together is a ‘must-do’. Living together is a lot different than going on dates with each other.” – 29, Hong Kong


  1. “Every person is different and the context of relationships vary depending on individuals. Time shapes what a couple must do to keep the relationship going.” – 28, Australia


  1. “Trust and open communication are the key.” – 24, Philippine


  1. “Trust! If you don’t trust your partner, the relationship is basically screwed.” – 24,


  1. “Wanting to go home at the same time and both people being able to make fun of each other.” – 27, United States


  1. “I think being open to the other person’s needs, being honest about your own needs and communicate a lot is the key for any type of relationship.” – 27, France


  1. “Keep the spark going, never get comfortable and don’t take the other person for granted. Need to work on the relationship itself 24/7.” – 45, Spain

  1. “Chemistry and constant attraction.” – 29, Mexico


Wow! I believe that sex if definitely a factor in making a relationship last, but I didn’t think it would be overwhelmingly the strongest factor in the responses above – maybe it’s more important than I thought! To me, communication is key. Knowing that you can speak to your partner about anything and being able to rely on them is super important. Not only should you view your partner as a lover, you should also make sure that you’re truly friends. In addition, if you feel like a relationship isn’t working (and you really want to find a relationship that lasts), get yourself out of there! You know what they say…there are plenty more fish in the sea!

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