How To Make Better Decisions?

Well, it feels like we don’t have a choice – but in fact, we do.

We are always choosing.

Despite the restrictions that have been put on us all, around this spinning planet, making us feel like we can’t choose to do things outside, choose to see who we want to, the feeling that our sense of freedom has been ‘taken away from us’, we need to remind ourselves that many of us reading this, still have the freedom of choice.

We have the choice of what it is we want to eat tonight, what online study we can choose to learn from, who we want to Zoom call today, what movement we can choose to do at home. Let’s simplify it even more, we can choose how we start our day, end our day and almost all in between.

There may be a sigh that you just let out, a reference for ‘well, I don’t have really have a choice, I no longer have work and I have bills to pay. I can’t not choose to not homeschool my children. I am only able to leave the house one hour a day’…but I challenge you to ‘look into what you CAN choose to change, and it always starts with you and your attitude and application’.


For many years, I used to focus on what I lacked, what I didn’t have at that time that would someone and supposedly make things easier and more pleasant.  There were always limitations that I thought were presented. I am grateful that I committed to inner work, self study.  Thanks to my own life coach, therapist, studying Holistic Wellness and Yoga, I learned (and still learn) tools and techniques that I practiced diligently that created a BIG shift in my mental frame.

My 20+ years of corporate work, self-development, wellness work and spiritual practices enable me (most of the time) to CHOOSE what will serve me best for today.



I am going to use few examples of the choices you can make on how you start your day and end your day, also known as MORNING and EVENING RITUALS.



How do you START your day and END your day? There is huge power in morning and evening rituals. From the technology you use, what state your nervous system is in, how your body feels and what you nourish yourself with. I call these rituals the ‘bookends’ – they frame the content in between i.e. your day. For me, I choose to spend my mornings quietly, exploring my mind through reading, my body through movement and my spirit through meditation.



Once we understand how rituals work, just like understanding how anything works, we can then move towards creating them. I choose to journal my thoughts and understand areas where I might feel stuck in life and what actionable steps I can take in that day to create space and expand in that area. I make myself accountable.  For example, if I am feeling a bit sad or anxious, as I journal about why I am feeling this way, through writing I am able to shed some light on ‘the feeling’, then choose to take actionable steps.



We can design rituals that suit ones lifestyle and current needs. Different practices that suit your rhythm are imperative for consistency and commitment. I choose to create habits that serve me to be my best in health – physically and mentally. I am far from getting this at 100% and will I, probably not but I know what choices don’t serve me and that in itself supports me in choosing actions that serve me better.



Plenty of scientific evidence suggests that what happens in the first few hours of your day greatly impacts the rest of your day. Jim Rohn said: “At the end of each day, you should play back the tapes of your day.” Its just as important to end your day in a nurturing way as you began. With the choice of these habits and rituals, I am able to transform myself into a state where I am at more ease. And remember, transformation takes time, awareness and work.


Here’s an inspirational quote to make your first move on making a better choice:

 “Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way.” – Viktor E. Frankl


What do you think of these tips on how to make better decisions and want to learn more about ‘The Power of Choice’? Cristina is offering you a special subscription to a 4-week module. Book here:


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