4 Quickest Ways to Make New Friends In The Modern World

Making friends as children comes naturally. You’re thrown together at school and at birthday parties, and all have shared interests. Come adulthood, when you’re navigating housing, jobs and trying to have a social life, it can be difficult to make real friends.

I clearly remember going to university, unpacking my room and then sitting on the bed, filled with a sudden clarity and dread that I knew no one in the city and was completely alone. Luckily, everyone was in the same boat and there were many events that week for us to mingle and create friendships. But what if you move to a new area, where everyone is already settled?

Social nuances mean that it can be a little weird to just walk up to a group of people, as you may have done when you were a kid and ask: “Can we be friends?”. Smiling at people in Starbucks can verge on creepy when you’re just trying to send friendly vibes, especially in London where speaking to strangers is usually unheard of!

Unfortunately, just like anything you want, opportunities to make friends need to be sought out. Sitting at home worrying about it achieves nothing. I moved to a brand new area of London a couple of years ago, and moving away from what I knew and my old friendship group was the most stressful thing about it. I wanted to share my experiences and advice to make a brand new friend.


Shared living

When I moved, I was financially able to live alone if I wanted to. However, the best decision I made was to move into a shared house. Not with just one other…but with six! A few people said I was mad but it was so nice to be surrounded with people. Luckily, it was a really sociable house and everyone was lovely. It was a fabulous way to meet people straight away.


Keep in touch

There’s no point in meeting people and then falling off the grid. Keeping in touch with people once you’ve met via Whatsapp or social media will keep the relationship going and will hopefully lead to more meetups.


Join a group

There are so many community groups, especially in London! Simply choose something you enjoy, whether that’s acting, sport or even crochet and look for a nearby group to join. You’ll be like-minded people whilst enjoying your favourite hobby.


Quality, not quantity

Everyone likes to be popular, but don’t try to make as many friends as possible. We all know that really, it’s better to have a couple of really amazing friends instead of hundreds of surface-level acquaintances. Focus on cultivating and growing special relationships instead of superficial ones.

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We’ve spoken in the past about loneliness and whether it actually affects us more than we know. Maybe we all need to be a little friendlier and make some extra pals to ensure we all support each other.

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