Stress & Anxiety Coach Tips on How to Manage Anxious Thoughts During COVID-19

If you’re having anxious thoughts at the moment, I don’t blame you. Things are up in the air with future plans, jobs, weddings, not to mention our very health. It’s not unusual to be feeling negatively about our situations, and it would be surprising if you weren’t, at least at some points! The best we can do though, is try to manage those feels as well as we can. We spoke to Samantha Quemby, a Stress and Anxiety Coach who focuses on helping people find a calmer way to live, for tips on how to manage anxious thoughts and help calm our minds during this crazy time.    

1. “I am so anxious about catching the virus, even though my test result for COVID-19 came back negative. But I still feel like there’s a tightness in my throat and I am unable to breathe at all.”

    Samantha: A helpful first step on how to manage anxious thoughts is to focus on the positive of a negative test meaning the likelihood that you have COVID-19 is slim. Keep an eye on your symptoms and if you feel they get worse or change in a way that worries you, contact your GP or 111 for advice. Anxiety often causes us to feel breathless and have a tight chest. As your test is negative it is likely the worrying thoughts you are having about the possibility of being ill are causing anxiety and this is why you are experiencing these symptoms. Focus on noticing when you are having fearful thoughts about having COVID-19 and work on bringing yourself back to the present moment and reminding yourself that:
  1. Your test was negative.
  2. Even if it does develop, most healthy people are able to fight the virus and fully recover.
Practice taking slow deep breaths, in from the belly and out through the mouth, as this will signal a sense of calm to your body. Box breathing and alternate nostril breathing are both great exercises to try.    

2. “I have been crying every day ever since the Coronavirus outbreak… I am feeling hopeless about the situation in UK.”


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