Manifestation Coach Tips on How To Manifest Anything You Want In Your Life

Is there something you want in your life that you’re just is just beyond your grasp? Or worse still, you think you can never achieve it? It may be a new job, relationship, group of friends, or perhaps success – anything you can think of which can sometimes feel like a mountain to climb. We spoke to Award Winning Manifestation Coach and Intuitive Healer, Juliette Kristine, to learn how to make our dreams a reality. She believes that we must dig deep into our souls to find what it is that we truly desire, and then work hard to achieve our goals. She calls this: manifesting with soul.


1. “I am ready to get married but the problem is, my boyfriend isn’t ready yet.”



Juliette: In order to manifest an experience such as marriage into your life, the first thing you need to be aware of is the fact that marriage is a co-creation between two people. This means that; you can’t “will” your boyfriend into marriage by using manifestation techniques. Now, as disappointing as this may sound, it’s actually not.

Because, if you were to be able to “will” your boyfriend into marriage, and it’s not what he was truly wanting or ready for, it would not be the successful marriage that you desire.

What you can do in a situation like this is, place your attention on your desire to get married (through using tools like vision boards and visualisation) while at the same time remaining unattached to the outcome. When you do this you will begin to manifest the experience of marriage into your life and you will find that either:

Your partner’s wants will line up with yours, and you will end up manifesting a beautiful marriage.

Or, you will end up manifesting a new partner who is a vibrational match to you and therefore has the same desire to get married.

When you marry someone who desires to marry you, it will be a beautifully aligned experience that will set you both up for success in the future.

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 2. “I don’t like my current group of friends as they drain my energy, so I’d like to meet new people that can bring the best out of me.”


Juliette: Manifestation is a wonderful way to attract new friendships into your life and this is something I help a lot of people with. The first thing I recommend you do is to stop focusing on the negative aspects of your current friendships because this is only magnifying what you “don’t want” and will prevent you manifesting people with a different vibration into your life.

The second thing I recommend you do is to write a manifestation list that documents all of the characteristics of the type of new friend/s that you would like to manifest (and put a date on it, that you would like to have manifested them by). For example: If you are wanting new friends that bring out the best in you, you might list characteristics such as supportive and encouraging because that will help to draw those types of people to you.

The third and final thing you need to do is take soul-inspired action. And what I mean by that is; act on what your intuition is telling you to do.

It is your intuition that will guide you to the exact situations and events that will lead you to manifest these new friendships into your life!



 3. “I have ended things with my friend-with-benefits. I am ready to go on a date and have a boyfriend as soon as possible.”


Juliette: First of all, congratulations on ending things with your “friend-with-benefits” because in doing this you actually sent a powerful declaration to the universe that you are ready for a more serious relationship!

My best advice to manifest a boyfriend is to create a relationship vision board that includes words and images that represent the type of person you want to attract and the relationship you want to manifest. For example: You might have an image of a couple holding hands, two people laughing together and then surround that with words such as: fun, soulmates, and affectionate.

Make sure you take your time creating your board and have fun with it! Light some candles, put some music on, drink some wine, because the more you treat your board as a beautiful creation, the more connected you will be to it and your manifestation.

Also, stay open to the universe delivering you the romantic partner that is for your highest good, rather than fixating on what you think you want. This means, don’t disregard someone who is blonde if you prefer brunette, because for all you know your soulmate could just be blonde!

And finally, make sure you remain in a happy surrendered state about the whole thing, because the more unattached you are, the quicker it will manifest.


4. “I want to have a mentor who can guide me through my career journey.”


Juliette: You can easily manifest a great career mentor into your life in exactly the same way you manifest a new friendship or a romantic relationship. Start by thinking about the characteristics you want this mentor to have. For example: Experienced in the field you are interested in, easy to get along with, intelligent, has great advice etc.

Once you have a clear idea of the type person you want to attract, write a manifestation list for this person and then put a date on it that you want to have manifested them by. After your manifestation list is completed, listen to your intuition and take soul-inspired action because that will put you in the correct situation to meet them.

And if you’re really keen, you can create a relationship vision board depicting this mentor and your relationship with them!


5. “Can I manifest success? I want to become successful before my 30s.”



Juliette: You can absolutely manifest success before your 30s. Just look at Kylie Jenner! The trick to doing this “successfully” is to create a powerful daily manifestation practice that allows you to raise your vibration and focus on the feeling of success.

A simple way to do this is to meditate (as this will raise your vibration) and then spend time visualising yourself as successful.

When visualising, you might imagine scenarios such as: working from your laptop by the beach, travelling first class or it could even be an image of you helping someone and making a difference in their lives – the most important thing is that what you visualise resonates with YOUR definition of success.

Spend a minimum of 15-20 minutes doing this practice everyday and you will begin to become a vibrational match to the energy of success!

And lastly, don’t worry about “how” your success will manifest, because that’s the job of the universe!


Want to learn more about how to manifest anything you want in life? Find Juliette at or follow her at @juliette_kristine to guide you in the right direction.



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