Comfort Zone

How to Step Out of Comfort Zone & Make it into a New Experience

Confidence isn’t something we are all born with but luckily, it can be crafted and built up over time through finding motivation and inspiration to become the best possible version of yourself. However, even a confident individual can struggle when stepping out of their comfort zone, especially when it comes to trying something new. You might feel held back by that hesitant voice in the back of your mind or think that trying something new isn’t going to provide anything of value to your already fulfilled life.

But just a second, how can you know it won’t add anything? You might find a new hobby, a helpful self-development blog, a new favourite flavour, a never-experienced-before genre of music or movies. You might even come across something positively life-changing that opens your eyes to something you’ve never thought of before, a special something that ignites a spark of motivation or creativity inside you. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

At Kossie, we encourage each other to step outside our comfort zone regularly, so we’ve put together some great tips on how to step out of comfort zone.

Make A Small Change First

If you want to try something big but fear is holding you back, make the first step a small one. Change something about your day that can reveal an opportunity, whether it’s a different route home or simply trying an alternative dinner option. A small difference doesn’t feel so bad whereas the first step into a new experience can feel overwhelming. Start small and work your way up – soon, that scary new thing is simply one small change away!

Positive Thinking

When presented with a big alteration, your mind can quickly turn to negative thoughts. Try to banish the bad thoughts and introduce positive ones, changing your way of thinking. Instead of “I don’t want to”, consider the potential outcome of your actions; rather than “I’m not sure”, explore your reasons why and turn them into a learning opportunity. Often, we can get ourselves into a negative spiral thinking about things out of our control and it’s important to remember that we cannot always control what is required of us or what happens to us, but we can control how we react to it.

Become Your Own Motivation

No-one truly goes through life without a single achievement, whether it’s learning to talk or to walk, graduating from school, university, or applying for your first job. These are all achievements, no matter how small. When you are feeling hesitant about your own challenges or endeavours think back to your past achievements and rewards and consider how you felt then and how you feel now. You are able to achieve because you have done it before – remember that and make yourself your own motivation.

Comfort zones aren’t something physical that we step into or lock ourselves into, they are simply a state of mind that helps us feel calm in things that bring us comfort. While new experiences and opportunities can feel scary, you will struggle to grow and develop as an individual without challenging yourself occasionally. Who’s to say that you won’t find a new interest or even a favourite thing from experiencing something you haven’t done before? So, before the year is out, Kossie ask you if you have the courage to step out your comfort zone?

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