We’re on a mission to provide an affordable channel to boost your mental health. So, each week, we’re checking in with our community to see how they’re working on their mental health and their goal towards happiness. We invited toLenka Kudjakova, Manifestation Coach, to share us tips to make the most out of life.


Q: “Sometimes I feel like I’m running out of time. I’m 30 next year and some of my friends are having babies – however I want to travel more and enjoy married life. I’m scared though that I’m going to miss out on having children, because I do want that too. I feel anxious about which direction I should go in, and change my mind constantly. It stresses me out massively! What should I do?”


A: “I invite you to ask yourself a question: ‘What do I want?’

Simply because you can have it all.

The most important time is NOW. The way you think and feel about your desires at this present moment will create a vibration and soon manifest into reality. You obviously want to enjoy married life more, but at the same time you don’t want to miss an opportunity to have children.

Grab a paper and pen and begin to journal about this question. Sit with it…take your time to find all the details of how you want your life to look. Go deep with yourself, imagine and visualise your life.

Visualise the best-case scenario, as if everything would work out perfectly for you. Embody the feelings and mindset of that reality. Do your own research about all the women that have had children in all different ages and get inspired by them.

Your only limit is your mind your imagination. If you make a decision to follow your desires and learn to direct your mind accordingly, then life is a joy and you can 100% have it all.” – Lenka Kudjakova, Manifestation Coach


If you’re struggling to manifest what you want, reach out to Lenka via Instagram.


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