We’re on a mission to provide an affordable channel to boost your mental health. So, each week, we’re checking in with our community to see how they’re working on their mental health and their goal towards happiness. We invited to Lydia McCartney, Trauma Coach, to help us some tips and advice on healing childhood trauma.


Q: “I didn’t grow up in a ‘normal’ household. One of the most important family members left us when I was a teenager. I have been experiencing resentment from my childhood trauma… Sometimes, I can get moody but I always remind myself that I am stronger than this. Are there any coping strategies that can help me move on from this emotionally? Fully live my life.” – United States


A: “My biggest advice for overcoming this is learning to understand the resentment for what it is and how it is manifesting within you. When we experience emotions, we believe are holding us back, creating blocks or keeping us in a space of stagnant, heavy energy we tell ourselves we are better than the emotion presenting itself. However, to overcome this and move on emotionally it’s important that you hold space for the emotion and allow it to complete. Without full completion and understanding, the cycle will continue and any unresolved emotion will again be suppressed only to manifest at a later date.

Focus your attention on the feeling of resentment and connect back to the moment that caused it, you can do this through meditation or journaling (or anyway that feels safe for you) but accept it for what it is. Don’t judge or analyze yourself in the process just become witness to the trauma for what it is within you, don’t make a label for yourself in these moments just close your eyes and become present. You are your teacher and the answers are inside you to overcome this continued cycle of resentment, become the silent watcher and lean into the emotion more each time it appears.

There is no better than, there just is. Observe what is, allow the emotion to complete and listen for the deeper beliefs that echo inside you. Once you figure those out you can break the cycle and find peace within.” – Lydia McCartney, Trauma Coach


Lydia McCartney is a Self Love & Trauma. If you find it hard to overcome your childhood trauma, reach out to Lydia via Instagram or visit her at lydiamccartney.com.

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