I will admit, when my Editor first asked me to try out easing my stress with a MAGNET, I was surprised and a little cynical. I mean, a magnet? The magnet came through the post and I looked at it, wondering how it was going to change anything about my stress levels, apart from making me feel a bit silly.


So where does this theory come from, anyway?


Well, magnets have been used to help ease a wide range of ailments, dating back to Ancient Egypt! More recent studies conducted in several countries show today that if a small magnet is applied to the skin where blood flows past it, it creates an ‘electromotive force’, which in turn generates a weak electric current in the iron atoms. This current is then carried around the body and produces a change in the nervous system, causing several physiological changes to occur.


How Does It Work?

The way this works is that circulation is improved causings blood cells to separate, increasing their surface area, then allowing cells to pick-up more oxygen and release more carbon dioxide. Because the velocity of blood flow is increased this can help with allergies, bacterial and viral infections, hormonal problems, metabolism disorders, fluid retention. The menopause can also be helped with the use of magnets, as can respiratory illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, PTSD and mental health conditions also react favourably to magnetic therapy. Wow, is there anything a magnet can’t do?


The treatment is non-invasive and is pain-free, so why not give it a go? I wanted to use magnets to treat my stress and anxiety, so I gave it a go. I couldn’t find too much guidance online so I created my own test. I would track my symptoms before and after and also in between each session. I would use the magnet on sections of my scalp in the way that you would use a gua sha tool, pressing against my temples and other pressure points.


The Magnet Test

Day 1-7

This week I started with my magnet stress blocking relief and I feel a bit silly. I do use gua sha tools so this is similar, but I’m looking into the mirror and can’t help noticing it’s a proper magnet – am I going to make my brain radioactive!? I use the magnet before bed (when I’m most anxious) for ten minutes on my temples, base of my neck and front of my scalp. I don’t feel much different by the end of the week.


Days 8-15

This week I’m getting married (yay!), but it means I’m quite stressed. I continue my routine and even do a little bit of magnet therapy on my wedding day before I put my makeup on. I am able to calm down and I don’t feel stressed afterwards.

Days 16-22

This week has been a week away from work, social media and social events, so my stress levels are lower anyway. However, I’m finding I’m looking forward to my ‘magnet session’ because I’ve worked it into my routine and feel that it’s working. I do it after I’ve taken my makeup off and before I use any creams etc.


Days 23-30

The month is coming to an end and I’m still doing my magnet therapy. I also carry it in my bag to hold sometimes – like a little security blanket. I know many people do this with crystals, so maybe it’s just a similar thing for me? I have enjoyed this month, especially after being so cynical!


Did It Work For Me?

Because I created my own test and this wasn’t done professionally, I can only go on how I feel. I’m not 100% if the magnet DID work, or whether I was less stressed during and after the treatments because I was carving out 10 minutes a day when I was just sitting alone, in the quiet, massaging my own head with something cold. Even the act of that sounds nice – I’m not sure if the magnet had any true, marked effect, but I’m certain that doing a little self-care task when my life is so busy WORKS. I might switch between my trusty magnet and some jade rollers or gua sha tools, but I will continue to try to save that time for me. Can’t hurt, right?


If you’d like to try this, just know that we are not suggesting you use magnet therapy as treatment for potentially medical conditions and should discuss magnet therapy with a qualified healthcare provider before starting treatment.

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