Age: 28 Occupation: Recruiter Location: London, UK  

Name My Fear


I’m afraid of... my relationship breaking down and being alone


Understand My Fear


My Fear Trigger… I have been with my boyfriend for many years – around eight – and I have always thought we get on really well and that we would be together forever. We moved in together a few months ago and I was thinking everything was okay. Since COVID-19, we’ve spent much more time together and I’ve realised that maybe we’re not as compatible as I thought. I am heading towards 30 and I’m scared of being alone!

  I’m Feeling This Way Because … I have always had a big plan in my head that I’m going to be married by before I’m 30 and have children in my early 30’s. I have reached all my other goals previously – like finding a good job by 25, buying a nice house by 30. I pretty much have everything I need and I don’t think that my boyfriend is unhappy, so it would be easy to just carry on with my plan. On one hand, I’m worried that I will be unhappy later down the line which will mean a lot more hurt, especially if we have children, but I also don’t want to be on my own. One of my friends is 35 and single and to be honest that is a nightmare for me. I feel I have made myself beholden to my own limits.

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